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Review of the BlackHawk Serpa Holster.  Is the BlackHawk Serpa Holster right for you?

Review of the BlackHawk Serpa Holster. Is the BlackHawk Serpa Holster right for you?

Is the BlackHawk Serpa holster right for you?​ ​​ ​

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BlackHawk Duty Serpa Holster BlackHawk Tactical Serpa Holster BlackHawk Serpa Concealment Holster BlackHawk MOLLE Mounted Serpa Holster


If you are in the market for a low cost, good quality holster chances are you have come across BlackHawk’s Serpa line of holsters.  When BlackHawk released the Serpa holster several years ago, they were extremely popular with hunters, competitive shooters, military personnel and law enforcement.

Now years later, lines have been drawn in the sand between Serpa lovers and haters.  Those who support the holster include the a long list of organizations including the United States Marine Corps, the United States Army, Military Police, the German army and scores of law enforcement agencies across the nation.  Despite the critics, just recently the Swiss Army adopted the Serpa holster.  But along with a large list of supporters, you’ll find staunch opposition to the holsters from various federal agencies, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and some shooting instructors--all having safety concerns over the use of the holster.

Is the BlackHawk Serpa holster right for you?

The Serpa issues can basically be broken down into 3 categories.

First, in some extreme conditions the holster’s active retention mechanism can get stuck.  Specifically as a result of grit, sand, ice or snow.  For the average handgun owner, few will encounter these types of conditions.  Few might be rolling in the snow or the sand dunes of the Iraq desert.  However for many users, this is a valid concern.  If you are lying prone in unfavorable conditions and concerned that snow, ice or grit might find it’s way into the holster’s mechanism causing your firearm to be stuck, then obviously this is something you might want to consider. 

Second, others complain that the trigger-release button is slower than other holsters available on the market.  Obviously the speed of drawing your firearm is important.  Your ability to quickly draw your firearm is based on a number of factors.  Do you need to lift your shirt first?  Maybe bend over to retrieve it from your ankle holster?  What about the small of your back?  Do you need to retrieve your gun from a pocket?  Maybe inside a zipped coat or jacket when using a shoulder holster?  The concern over the time used to activate the trigger release button can easily be resolved with proper practice and training and is relatively a very minor issue.  We are talking about milliseconds. 

Lastly there has been some accidental discharges involving gun owners using Serpa holsters.  Some misfires have involved users putting a gun in the holster that the particular model was not designed for, causing the firearm’s trigger to be activated resulting in a misfire.  If the holster says it's for a Glock and someone tries to holster a Beretta there will be issues.  The main cause of accidental discharges is based off of the design of the holster in conjunction with user error.   When you draw your firearm from the Serpa holster, when done correctly your finger is automatically near the trigger.  Some people have mistakenly squeezed the trigger during the drawing process resulting in dangerous misfires.

Here’s what people like about the Serpa holsters.

Retention.  Yes, the retention is awesome.  You put the gun in the holster and you hear it click and you know your firearm is safety secured.  There is no worrying about it coming unholstered while riding on your 4-wheeler on a hunting trip or climbing fences chasing a suspect.  The gun is 100% secure.

Price.  BlackHawk also makes the Serpa an attractive buy, by offering it at such a low price. 

Versatility.  What’s also nice is with the Serpa concealment line, BlackHawk offers the Serpa holsters with both a belt loop and paddle platform giving the owner more options in how they carry their firearm.  The versatility of the holster is awesome.  BlackHawk provides additional options to turn the holster into a shoulder rig, a MOLLE mounted holster, a thigh mounted holster or even options for mounting the same holster in your car or nightstand using their Quick Disconnect System

In conclusion, is the BlackHawk holster right for you?  First off, if you plan on using it for your job or a specific training event—check ahead, not all employers allow them.  Second, are you concerned about user error?  You know better than anyone else what your needs are. 

With proper training and practice we feel the BlackHawk Serpa line is a good quality holster to fit your concealment or carry needs.



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