Known delays due to COVID-19

Known delays due to COVID-19

Known delays as a result of COVID-19/Civil Unrest.

Latest update 7/6/20

Yes our store is now open to visit!


  • We are still shipping daily without issue, however we've been advised of the following:
    • Due to manpower delays nationwide, USPS might not be scanning packages at pick up or transit.  It is possible your package is not scanned until it arrives at your location.
    • Shipments sent internationally are having major delays in some countries.  We've heard from customers that some international shipments are being delivered within normal time frames but in some countries shipments are being delayed weeks.  We suggest checking with your country prior to ordering to see how COVID-19 has impacted shipping from the United States.
    • UPS has told us some of their locations is dealing with delays however we have not seen any issues.

    Bandanas - updated 7/6

    Over the last few weeks we've shipped over 15,000 bandanas.  We expect more in stock within the next 10 days or so and will be shipping them the same day they arrive.


    Rothco Thin Blue Line Multi-Use Tactical Wrap -

    7/6 Now in stock and shipping over the next 3 days.

    6/26 - Now in stock at Rothco and they are shipping them out to us today.  We expect the shipment mid-next week and will be shipping them out upon arrival.

    6/23 - Rothco reports they'll have them in stock on or around 6/26.  If they get them in, they'll have them out to dealers a week or so later.

    6/11 - still delayed :(

    6/2 - Currently, these are out of stock everywhere.  Our last update from the manufacturer was they expected them in stock on 6/1.  We HOPE they are on the way to our store.  We are waiting for confirmation and will be updating this post within the next couple days.

    Condor Multi-Wrap  -

    • 6/23 - Most colors are shipping normally.


    • 7/6 - If you aren't picky with the color let us know.  We do have some colors in stock for immediate shipment.
    • 6/23 - We've been getting SOME colors in stock over the past few days--still waiting for more.
    • 6/2- Shemaghs have been a hit and miss item.  If you have a Shemaghs on order, it is very possible we have a very similar one from a different manufacturer that we can send immediately.  Just send us a message if you are interested in switching.

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