Meet Bruce: Our Beloved Furry Friend

Meet Bruce: Our Beloved Furry Friend

Meet Bruce, the heart and soul of our store – the furry, friendly, and fabulous store dog! Bruce was born in January 2023 and is a hefty 80 pounds of pure love and joy. He's a delightful mix of breeds, with 51% Akita in his genes, a touch of Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Chow, and Belgian Malinois, making him one unique and handsome mascot.

Bruce's first love is people, and he'll often be found with his nose deep in the air, trying to catch a whiff of the customers as they walk in. He's got a special talent for determining whether someone is friend or foe, but don't worry – his judgment is almost always on point! He's not much of a barker, but when the mood strikes him, he'll give a good howl or two, maybe even a bit of playful prodding.

This gentle giant thrives on a few simple pleasures in life. He absolutely adores his beauty sleep, and sometimes in the mornings, he insists on being carried to the car until he's fully awake. But once he's up and about, get ready for some entertainment! Bruce occasionally gets the "zoomies" and shows off his incredible speed by sprinting in joyful circles.

At the end of the day, Bruce is all about relaxation and cuddles. He's a loyal companion and will quickly become your best friend if you have treats to share. He's also a pro at ringing a bell on the door when nature calls, so you won't miss his signals for potty time. As for tricks, Bruce can perform a variety of them, but only when he's not too distracted by the possibility of making new friends.

He recently realized that when he rings the bell at our back door to alert us that he needs a potty break, that he can also use the ploy to trick us.  He now rings the bell to draw us to the backdoor and once he realizes the kitchen is unattended he'll make a run in there to look for any food within his reach for a quick unauthorized treat.

While the store is his home away from home, Bruce's true joy is a quick stop at the local dog park after a long day of work. There, he reunites with his many four-legged friends and enjoys some quality playtime. So, if you ever visit our store, be sure to say hello to Bruce – he's a big bundle of love with a welcoming heart and a wagging tail, ready to make your visit a little brighter.

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