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New to MC Outdoor?

New to MC Outdoor?

If you are new to our store there a few things you should know about us.  Most of our customers found us online because of our extremely low prices.  Besides are low prices there are a few other things that make us different from other online retailers.

  1. We are an actual store not an online hobby business.
    We are located in Raleigh, NC and have a real inventory and a real store.  Come visit us!  We are authorized dealers for all the gear we offer. 
  2. We do not offer live phone support.
     If you are calling to place an order (even a large order), checking order status, product questions, calling to chat, store hours, etc--you will need to contact us via email.  We respond to emailed messages very quickly.  We do not provide live phone support.  During the day we are very busy assisting walk in customers and shipping out orders.  As we grow, we will provide live phone support in the future.
  3. We are a small business.
    Actually we are a very small business.  Sometimes our awesome website gives people the belief that we are bigger than we are.  We do NOT have a warehouse or 1-800 operators.  In fact often times the same person who answers your email might be the same person who scrubs the toilets, takes out the garbage, assists you when visit our store or even ships out your order.
  4. So how small are we?
    Despite being a small business we ship out several thousand orders a month through our website and that does not count the customers we assist here in our store, through other selling channels such as Ebay or Amazon. For some of the manufacturers we deal with, we are one of their largest volume dealers.
  5. Yes, our website does list stock status.
    Stock status is displayed right next to the price and above the add to cart button.  If an item is in stock, our website will list the quantity available for immediate shipment such as "3 available".  When an item is not in stock it will list the expected time frame to get that item in stock and shipped.  We've noticed a growing trend of customers seeing an item displayed as being in stock on 3rd party websites (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) then clicking on the link for our website assuming the information they'd just seen on another website was still accurate.  They then overlooking what we have displayed on our website.  For the most accurate stock status for what we have in the store, you need to rely on our website and not 3rd party businesses who might be displaying outdated pricing or inventory levels.  Our website will have the most updated information available.
  6. How accurate is the ETAs located on our website?
    They are usually extremely accurate.  Despite being a small business we receive multiple shipments weekly from nearly every manufacturer we deal with.  However the displayed ETA is based off of the assumption that the manufacturer has the item in stock and ready for shipment.  Unfortunately that is not always the case and sometimes some items take longer than expected.
  7. Will you be notified if the item is expected longer than what is displayed on our website?
    If an item is going to be delayed longer than what we expect and If we have a specific date provided to us we will update your order with the new ETA and that information will be available by clicking here.  You may or may not receive an email.  We do our best to be proactive in letting you know of unexpected delays.  We also welcome customers to contact us anytime with questions.  Keep in mind, if we are having issues getting a specific item in stock it is usually a result of the item being on a national backorder, meaning you will find difficulty finding the same item elsewhere as well.
  8. Concerns? We're easy!
    If you are ever frustrated with any part of the order process, we invite you to contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.  Canceling your order is never a problem.  If you gear hasn't been processed for shipment, just send us an email to cancel and we'll process that immediately.  No hassle and no cancellation fees--we're easy!



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