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BlackHawk Single Mag Case Single Stack

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Our Single Mag Cases feature a built-in tension spring to securely hold magazines of various sizes. For two magazines on the same carrier, you can remove the belt clip and place two Single Mag Cases side-by-side on our Dual Rail Accessory Platform (sold separately). The case can also be placed next to one of our light carriers for a combo light/mag carrier.

  • Features a built-in tension spring to securely hold magazines of various sizes
  • Remove the belt clip and place two Single Mag Cases side-by-side on Dual Rail Accessory Platform
  • Fits 9mm/.40 cal/.45 cal/10mm/.357 Sig

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Customer Reviews

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William Pugh
great mag holder

Blackhawk single mag cases, both single stack & double stack work perfectly. They are open top (uncovered) and retain the magazine by spring tension against the side of the magazine. They are rugged, not temp or humidity sensitive, & require no break in prior to use. They also are quick to clip on & take off of belt without removal of belt.

Richard Gilbert
Good Set-up for spare mags for open carry...

I wanted to mount spare mags on a Blackhawk! SERPA tactical holster that provided locations to mount 2 mags to the holster itself. I bought the picatinny rails that mount to the holster with the 4 screws provided, and 2 single stack mag cases (they fit 9mm a 45 acp single stack mags). After mounting the rails, it was simple to install the mags. The belt clips that are stock on the cases slide out of the bottom easily by pressing in the locking tab on the bottom of the case. The cases can then be slid into place on the rails, being positively locked by the locking tab on the case. The magazines are locked in place under spring tension and will not fall out, even if the holster is upside-down, but can be withdrawn without excessive resistance. The bottom of the cases are open, minimizing chances of the cases filling up with crud. I like this set-up. Spare mags go on and off with the holster, you always have extra ammo and, with Blackhawk!s Y suspension system, weight is comfortable and you still have access to your pants pocket. Only possible downside-the screws for the rails are plastic, so be careful not to cross-thread as they only come with 4. The front mag can be quickly accessed by left-hand cross draw, but the rear mag might take a little longer without practice. (I have a right hand holster.)

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