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Ballistic Armor Co. Original Tough Hook Hanger

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The Original Tough Hook hanger is a heavy-duty hanger specifically designed to hang, hold, and carry heavy body armor and tactical equipment. It has a remarkable load capacity of over 200 lbs., making it suitable for individuals who rely on body armor and other heavy gear on a daily basis. The hanger was created by a US Army Sergeant to address the need for a durable and functional solution to store and transport such equipment.

One of the standout features of the Original Tough Hook is its patented grip handle, which allows for easy transportation of heavy gear. This feature enables users to conveniently carry their equipment from one place to another without strain or discomfort. The hanger's construction is also noteworthy, with its I-beam design and impact-resistant resin, rendering it nearly indestructible. This durability ensures that the hanger can withstand the rigors of regular use and continue to support heavy equipment effectively.

The Original Tough Hook is well-suited for various professions and activities. Military personnel can use it to hang and store body armor, plate carriers, flak jackets, and other military gear. Police officers can rely on it for their bullet-proof vests, SWAT tactical vests, and SRT protective gear. Firefighters can hang their turn-out gear, oxygen tanks, and respirators on this hanger. Divers will find it useful for buoyancy compensators, wet suits, and oxygen tanks. Outdoor enthusiasts, such as hunters, can use it to hang their gear, waders, and cold-weather clothing.

Furthermore, the Original Tough Hook hanger is proudly manufactured in Bozeman, Montana, USA. It comes with a 100% lifetime warranty, assuring customers of its high quality and the manufacturer's commitment to standing behind their product. This hanger not only meets the demands of individuals who require heavy-duty storage and transportation solutions but also helps extend the functional lifespan of their equipment.

In summary, the Original Tough Hook hanger is a purpose-built, heavy-duty hanger designed to hang, store, and carry heavy body armor and tactical equipment. Its exceptional load capacity, patented grip handle, and durable construction make it ideal for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, divers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Manufactured in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Original Tough Hook offers a reliable and long-lasting solution for organizing and transporting heavy gear.

The ORIGINAL Tough Hook hanger is a heavy duty hanger specially designed to hang, hold and carry heavy body armor and tactical equipment, easily supporting over 200 lbs. of gear. Designed by an US Army Sergeant, the Original Tough Hook Hanger is purpose-built to hang, store and carry heavy equipment such as Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Tactical Vests, and much more. This heavy duty hanger fits the needs of people who rely on body armor on a daily basis, and serves to extend the functional lifespan of that equipment. All Tough Hook Hangers are proudly manufactured in Bozeman, MT USA and is backed with a 100% lifetime warranty.

  • Patented grip handle, for easy transportation of heavy gear
  • I-beam construction and impact resistant resin make it nearly indestructible
  • 150lb load capacity
  • Military – Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Flak Jackets, Military Gear
  • Police – Bullet-Proof Vest, SWAT Tactical Vests, SRT Protective Gear
  • Firefighters – Turn Out Gear, Oxygen Tanks, Respirators
  • Divers – Buoyancy Compensators, Wet Suits, Oxygen Tanks
  • Outdoors – Hunting Gear, Waders, Cold-Weather Gear

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