Rothco Genuine G.I. Jeep Cap

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The "jeep cap" was first issued by the United States Army in February 1942 during World War II with the purpose to be worn underneath the heavy combat helmets.  The idea was the jeep cap would be dual purpose, to keep soldiers warm and to pad the helmet from the excessive weight.  Radar O'Reilly from M*A*S*H (who was seldom seen without one).  It was eventually phased out and replaced with the standardized field cap, as part of the newer, layered U.S. Army M-1943 Uniform. Authentic government issued The jeep cap has been continued to be manufactured by the U.S. Army, however, many significant changes have been made to the cap since the original issue. For one thing, the cap is now knitted very loose and deep so it can be pulled down even lower over a soldier's head and ears for more warmth (the cuff doesn't necessarily have to be pulled down to achieve this), and instead of the old six-stitch "starfish pattern" on top, it now features a simple, more modern four-stitch topping. The cuff is now knitted completely around the entire cap, rather than coming out like a V at the center of the brim; also gone are the days of the cap being issued in four different sizes, as modern yarns are elastic enough that they are "one-size-fits-all".  
  • 100% Wool, US Made
  • GSA Compliant
  • Available in Olive Drab and Black

It doesn't matter what you plan on using the Rothco Genuine G.I. Jeep Cap for, whether it's fighting the murder hornets, COVID-19, protection from rioting or just because you like our low prices. The Rothco Genuine G.I. Jeep Cap is one of the many items offered by Rothco and we are proud to be an authorized dealer. In additional to the Rothco Genuine G.I. Jeep Cap, we also offer a wide variety of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping blankets, water bottles, pants and all the essentials for camping or for your bug-out gear.

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Great site to find original Jeep caps!

Very affordable price on authentic Army jeep caps. Was very pleased with product and value!


The US Army Jeep Cap was just the gift for an Army buddy of mine. He was very pleased.



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