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Rothco Camouflage Compact 8 X 21mm Binoculars

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The Rothco Camouflage Compact 8 X 21mm Binoculars are a compact and lightweight optical instrument designed for outdoor enthusiasts, birdwatchers, hikers, and general-purpose use. Here's a description of their key features:

  1. Design: These binoculars feature a camouflage pattern, which helps to blend in with natural surroundings and provides a tactical aesthetic. The compact size and foldable design make them easy to carry and store.

  2. Magnification and Objective Lens: The binoculars offer 8x magnification, meaning that objects appear eight times closer than they would to the naked eye. The 21mm objective lenses gather light to provide a clear and detailed view.

  3. Optics: The binoculars employ high-quality optics to ensure a bright and sharp image. The lenses are coated to reduce glare and improve light transmission, allowing for enhanced visibility even in low-light conditions.

  4. Focus and Diopter Adjustment: The binoculars feature a central focusing knob that allows you to quickly adjust the focus to suit your needs. Additionally, there is a diopter adjustment ring to fine-tune the focus for individual eye differences.

  5. Field of View: With a field of view of approximately 372 feet at 1,000 yards (124 meters at 1,000 meters), these binoculars offer a wide perspective, allowing you to observe a larger area at once.

  6. Durability: The binoculars are constructed with a rugged housing to withstand outdoor conditions. They are designed to be water-resistant, ensuring they can handle light rain or damp environments.

  7. Accessories: The binoculars typically come with a neck strap for easy carrying, lens caps to protect the lenses from scratches and dust, and a carrying case for convenient storage and transportation.

Overall, the Rothco Camouflage Compact 8 X 21mm Binoculars provide a portable and reliable option for nature enthusiasts, offering clear and magnified views of distant objects while maintaining a compact size for easy portability.

These camo binoculars are just what you need for your outdoor missions and adventures.  Compact enough to fit in your jacket pocket.  8" X 21" compact roof prism, fold down rubber eyecups, field of view 372 feet at 1000 years.  Includes carrying case.

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