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Rothco Sniper Veil

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Well now, let me tell ya 'bout the Rothco Sniper Veil, partner. This here piece of gear is an essential tool fer any true hunter. With its camo pattern and lightweight material, ya can use it to blend into yer surroundings and keep yerself hidden from any prey. It's perfect fer those long days spent stalkin' yer game, keepin' the sun outta yer eyes and the bugs off yer face. And when it comes time to take the shot, just flip it up and ya got yerself a clear view. So if yer lookin' to up yer huntin' game, ya best be addin' the Rothco Sniper Veil to yer kit.

Rothco's Sniper Veil provides the perfect concealment for a you and your weapon. The veil measures 36" x 46" with a cinch cord running all 4 sides and cord loop at each corner that would allow you to utilize the veil as a gear hammock to keep objects off the ground or secure the veil to the body or gear. In addition to the veil concealing a weapon, it can be worn as a shemagh or scarf to protect the body from the elements.

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