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Rothco Adjustable BDU Belt

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The Rothco Adjustable BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) Belt is a durable and versatile belt designed for military and outdoor use. It is made by Rothco, a renowned manufacturer of tactical gear and military clothing.

The BDU Belt is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure strength and reliability. Typically, it is made from sturdy nylon webbing, which provides excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. The nylon webbing is often available in various colors to match different uniforms or personal preferences.

One of the key features of the Rothco Adjustable BDU Belt is its adjustable design. It features a metal buckle that allows you to easily adjust the length of the belt to achieve a comfortable and secure fit. The buckle usually has a friction-lock mechanism, ensuring that the belt stays in place once adjusted.

The BDU Belt is typically wide enough to accommodate most standard belt loops on military and tactical pants, making it compatible with a wide range of uniforms and clothing. Its width also enhances its stability and prevents it from twisting or slipping during rigorous activities.

In addition to its functionality, the Rothco Adjustable BDU Belt often features additional utility. It may include metal grommets or eyelets along its length, which can be used to attach accessories or equipment such as pouches, holsters, or carabiners. These attachment points provide convenient customization options, allowing you to carry essential tools or gear securely.

Overall, the Rothco Adjustable BDU Belt is a reliable and versatile belt designed for military, tactical, and outdoor enthusiasts. Its durable construction, adjustable design, and additional utility make it a popular choice for individuals seeking a dependable belt for various applications.

Looking for a rugged, versatile belt to add to your military and law enforcement gear? Rothco’s Adjustable BDU Belt is designed to bear the load of your belt mounted gear while worn with BDU pants, paratrooper fatigues, and other tactical pants. Constructed with resilient and lightweight material and a metal belt buckle, the tactical gun belt features heat cut ends to prevent fraying; giving you a belt with a longer lifespan. Each military belt measures 1 ¾” wide and comes in a variety of lengths and colors to choose from. 

  • Fully Adjustable BDU Belt Is Constructed Of Resilient, Yet Lightweight Material
  • Ideal For Military, Law Enforcement Police, Public Safety Security Guards Looking For A Tactical Belt To Carry Essential Tools Or Weapons, While Holding Up Your Fatigue Or Tactical Pants
  • Heat Cut Ends Prevent Fraying
  • Width Of The BDU Belt Is 1 ¾” And Will Fit Standard Belt Loops
  • Comes In A Variety Of Lengths And Colors
  • Metal Belt Buckle

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