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Gould & Goodrich X505 2-Pack Belt Keepers

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The Gould & Goodrich X505 2-Pack Belt Keepers are accessories designed to secure and organize duty belts worn by law enforcement officers, military personnel, security guards, or other professionals who utilize tactical gear. These belt keepers are specifically manufactured by Gould & Goodrich, a reputable brand known for producing high-quality law enforcement equipment.

The X505 2-Pack Belt Keepers are constructed from durable and rugged materials, typically nylon or ballistic nylon, ensuring their longevity and ability to withstand the demands of daily use. They are designed to be compatible with standard duty belts, usually measuring around 2.25 inches in width.

The primary function of belt keepers is to prevent the duty belt from shifting or sliding during dynamic movements or physical activities. They serve as an extra layer of security to maintain the belt's position and keep the gear in place. By attaching the belt keepers to the duty belt and the wearer's trouser belt loops, the risk of the belt becoming loose or sagging is significantly reduced.

The Gould & Goodrich X505 2-Pack Belt Keepers usually come as a set of two keepers, providing a balanced and symmetrical arrangement when attached to the belt. This ensures stability and uniformity, preventing any imbalance in weight distribution.

To attach the belt keepers, they are threaded through the duty belt and the wearer's trouser belt loops. The keepers typically feature snap closures or Velcro straps for secure fastening, allowing for easy adjustment and removal when necessary.

These belt keepers are designed to meet the demands of law enforcement and military professionals who require reliable and durable equipment. They are an essential accessory for keeping duty belts properly positioned and ensuring quick access to essential tools and gear during critical situations.

Holds together duty belt, pants belt, and ergonomic belt systems. Black no-shine snaps. Fits belts up to 2-1/4 in.

  • Made in the USA!

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