EMI - Emergency Medical Emergency Airway Kit

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The EMI Emergency Airway Kit features six different color coded, Berman type airways. The vented openings allow appropriate air ventilation as well as allowing access to a suction catheter. The airways feature a smooth, flexible, non-brittle finish, and act as a reinforced bite block. Be prepared for any medical emergency with the EMI Emergency Airway Kit.
The EMI - Emergency Medical Emergency Airway Kit manufactured by EMI - Emergency Medical is one of the many items we offer from the outdoor / camping industry. We also offer vintage gear from the 1917 era including vintage hats, bags and jackets including the popular M65 Field Jacket. If you are hitting the road this holiday season, don't forget we carry luggage, toiletry bags and duffel bags. If you have any questions about the EMI - Emergency Medical Emergency Airway Kit please contact us.




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