Shower In A Towel

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This is a must have item for anyone who camps, plays sports, works in emergency services or needs to quickly clean up without access to a shower.

  • Wet towel XXL really is a shower in a towel
  • 20 times larger than a baby wife
  • Absorbs sweat and odor
  • Fragrance free so you don't have any strange smells after using it
  • Alcohol free and aloe enriched and gentle to sensitive skin
  • 100 Portable
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Made of hydroknit biodegrable material - consisting largely of grass and wood fibers yet durable to not tear or fall apart
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Other uses include emergency first aide to clean minor scrapes or even may serve as improvised bandage or sling when stretched lengthwise
The Shower In A Towel manufactured by Rothco is one of the many items we offer from the outdoor / camping industry. We also offer vintage gear from the 1917 era including vintage hats, bags and jackets including the popular M65 Field Jacket. If you are hitting the road this holiday season, don't forget we carry luggage, toiletry bags and duffel bags. If you have any questions about the Shower In A Towel please contact us.


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Baby wife????

States is 30 times larger than a baby wife. Baby wives are very small!!!!!!



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