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Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

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A novel solution to the problem of sleeping bag and clothing insulation compressing under the tension from the hammock, this insulating layer fully encases the hammock (rather like a giant banana skin) trapping warm air both within the hammock but also in its generous layer of insulation, the full length zip allows easy access in and out of your own micro climate.

Due to the versatility of the hammock insulation systems, the wide variety of applications and variations in camp set up it is difficult to establish an overall comfort temperature for these items. As a general reference the insulation used is Travelsoft with the similar fill weights to our two season sleeping bags. We would strongly recommend you experiment with your own set up and gradually build up to more extreme temperatures until you are confident of the overall thermal performance.

SET-UP NOTE It is very important BEFORE you use the Hammock insulation system that you check the tension by lightly pressing down. THE HAMMOCK COCOON IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE LOAD BEARING. YOUR HAMMOCK SHOULD TAKE YOUR WEIGHT, NOT THE COCOON.

  • Fits most hammocks
  • The Travelsoft filling has great insulating properties, trapping heat and maximizing comfort
  • Made with Micro Diamond fabric with a Paratex antibacterial treatment
  • Antibacterial Discourages the growth of bacteria which also results in a reduction of odors
  • Fully enclosed trapping warm air both within the hammock but also in its generous layer of insulation
  • Full length zip allows easy access in and out
  • Comes with compression stuff sack
  • Weight: 69oz / 1950g
    • Length 118"/300cm
    • Width 33"/85cm
  • Pack size 11" x 9" / 29 x 24cm

We offer a wide variety of gear from Snugpak including the Snugpak Hammock Cocoon. In addition to Snugpak gear, we offer products from Tru-Spec, Rothco, Condor, Tasmanian Tiger, Snugpak and dozens more. In addition to our camo pants we offer tactical pants, BDUs and other pant styles.

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Parks

Great item! Very warm. I've used it alone down to 40 degrees and was very snug and warm I'm a veteran 4 season hammock camper and this with a good sleeping bag should be great for my January, February trips camping at 10 - 20 degrees and lower

John Guffey

I've used the hammock cocoon multiple times and its great to keep me warm in my hammock... excellent product and Mad City was amazing!!

Will E.
Winter hammock camping.

I got it for Christmas and almost a month later I finally got to try out the Snugpak Hammock Cocoon. My hope was to take my 3 season gear to the next level and I think I've done it. It didn't get down to the predicted low of 22° it was more like 28°. But I did wake up warm and comfortable while only wearing my light weight long underwear (17% wool and 83% polyester blend). I have a 15° hammock sleeping bag that I use all the time, and with the Snugpak Hammock Cocoon I'm sure I can get down to at least 0° or less with the proper layers. I just want to thank Snugpak for making such a wonderful piece of gear and not charging an inflated price for it.

Kevin Brink
Love this product!

My sister has an under quilt from another popular brand and turned me on to the idea of using the hammock in cold weather. I got one of the same thing she had and it's nice but I also got one of these. I've had the Snugpak Cocoon about a year now and have slept in cold weather with it many times. My other product has yet to get used by me. I've been out in various places, including the top of a hill in windy, sub 40 degree f. conditions. I'm always toasty warm. All I need is a decent pair of socks, my favorite track pants, a good layer or two up top, and I'm good. I did opt to put a cinch tie on either end of the cocoon as the openings at the ends seem to be bigger than necessary. If I'm inside of the cocoon completely, I can just open the zipper the amount I want and where I want, since there are two zippers so it can be opened at any place along the length of it.
Sometimes I even just grab a book and go read in the trees in the front yard in cold weather. I sure get a lot of curious looks from passers by! 😀

I absolutely love this product and recommend it to everyone. My sister is now looking to get one for herself, too. My only "complaint" is that they only come in this basic olive green color. It's great if I want to be somewhere and maybe not noticed so much but I generally hammock just for fun and bright colors are just fun.

Great design

My friend and I both got one. We camped with overnight temps right around 32F. My friend brought no other insulation and was fine. I used my sleeping bag as a poor man's topquilt in addition to the cocoon and was perfectly warm. I think for temps from 40F on up this is the only piece of gear you need. The construction is very solid. There are webbing loops at the ends with some shock cord attached -- the shock cord can be used to cinch off the ends and/or connect to the ends of the hammock. I'm 6'4" (~185lb) and the cocoon is perfectly fine length-wise (it's pretty much the length of my ENO singlenest hammock). It is slightly restrictive, although I was still able to bend my legs and sleep on my side. If you are very tall then it might be hard to get much of a diagonal lay. For sub-30F temps I'm planning to add some down insulation (either top or underquilt) to the setup.

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