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Tru-Spec Bootlace Handcuff Key

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The Tru-Spec Bootlace Handcuff Key is a small and discreet handcuff key designed to be worn as a bootlace accessory. It is made of a durable polymer material that is both lightweight and rugged, and it features a thin, flat profile that allows it to fit comfortably inside the wearer's bootlace.

The key is designed to fit most standard handcuffs and can be easily accessed in emergency situations by simply pulling the key out of the bootlace. The key is also compatible with most standard handcuff keyholes, and it features a universal pin that allows it to be used with both single- and double-lock handcuffs.

The Tru-Spec Bootlace Handcuff Key is an ideal tool for law enforcement, military personnel, and anyone else who may need to carry a handcuff key in a discreet and easily accessible manner. Its compact size and low profile make it an ideal accessory for anyone who needs to keep their handcuff key on hand at all times.

This Boot Lace Covert Handcuff Key was developed for an elite U.S. unit whose members are at high risk of being taken captive and require improved odds of escape. It was designed to have a near zero likelihood of detection, yet still have the capability to be rapidly accessed when required. This was achieved by engineering a unique covert hide-out key which is located seemingly far out-of-reach of a handcuffed captive. Discreetly attached to the tip of your bootlace, this handcuff key does not seem to be within any useful proximity while handcuffed behind your back. But just bend your knee up sharply and it puts it right into your hands! This works whether standing, sitting, or prone. Grasp the device, and then return your foot to its original position; as your foot descends the lace unties, leaving you with a tethered handcuff key in your hand. Fits on all standard boot laces (not included).

  • Constructed of blackened brass
  • Designed to have a near zero likelihood of detection, yet still have the capability to be rapidly accessed when required
  • Cover the plastic lace aglet and with included rubber cover becomes completely concealed from view
  • Fits on all standard boot laces (not included)
  • Installs in seconds using only a pair of pliers
  • U.S. Patent 9.523.216

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Villanueva

Small and fits great

only one cover

It only comes with one cover. So the key end stands out. Sad you will need to make your own cover(s) so the key end will not stand out. The point of the key is to not stand out.
The support from Mad City is good.

Great product

Great product gonna try it out at SERE training.

Christopher Johnston
It works but the the covering ......

It works as a handcuff key but the cover to camouflage it is anything but subtle, it looks like somebody just hacked off some rubber tubing and dropped in the bag.

Darryl Collins
Handcuff key

Great value and quality. Performs as expected.

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