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Do you want Handcuffs that have stood the test of time, Look No Further? Our Hiatt Handcuffs have been around since 1816, yes that?s right over 200 years. In 1816, Thomas Griffin Hiatt started his company as a manufacturer of ?Felon?s Irons? and gate locks, in Birmingham England. The Hiatt Company?s building was destroyed by German Bombing in 1941. Recovering, the Hiatt Company flourished and was the major source of handcuffs to the British police agencies.

In 2006, Hiatt Handcuffs Ltd was purchased by the Armor Holdings Company and changed from the Hiatt brand to Safariland.  In June of 2008, the factory in England was closed and Armor Holdings moved the production to Ontario, California. Armor Holdings was acquired by BAE Systems and production of the Hiatt/Safariland Cuffs was moved to Pittsfield Massachusetts, and the name was changed back to Hiatt. They are now made in the same factory as Monadnock products and are called Hiatt by Monadnock.

Hiatt Handcuffs are NTOA (National Tactical Officer Association) Member Tested and Recommended, and set the standard for strength and reliability.

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