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Condor HHR pouch

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The Condor HHR (Handheld Radio) Pouch is a specialized pouch designed to securely hold smaller communication devices while out in the field. It is primarily intended for use by Law Enforcement Officers who possess compact communication devices and need a convenient way to mount them onto the MOLLE platform.

The pouch is constructed using genuine Crye-Precision MultiCam material, which provides durability and a camouflage pattern suitable for outdoor environments. It features a hook and loop flap closure, ensuring that the communication device remains securely stored inside the pouch during movement and activities.

To further enhance the security of the device, the pouch includes a drawstring with a cord lock mechanism. This allows the user to tighten the opening of the pouch and prevent the device from accidentally slipping out.

The Condor HHR Pouch offers multiple carrying options to accommodate different preferences and situations. It can be attached to the MOLLE platform, which is a modular webbing system commonly used in tactical gear, allowing for easy integration with other equipment and pouches. Additionally, it can be attached to a belt or secured using a carabiner, providing flexibility in how it is carried and accessed.

In terms of dimensions, the pouch measures approximately 4 inches in height, 2 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in depth. These compact dimensions ensure a snug fit for smaller communication devices, keeping them protected and easily accessible when needed.

Overall, the Condor HHR Pouch is a reliable and versatile accessory designed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement Officers who utilize smaller communication devices in the field. Its sturdy construction, multiple carrying options, and secure closure mechanisms make it a practical choice for professionals requiring quick and reliable access to their communication equipment.

The Condor HHR(Handheld Radio) Pouch is made to hold any smaller sized communication device out in the field securely. Designed for Law Enforcement Officers with smaller communication devices to mount onto the MOLLE platform.

  • Genuine Crye-Precision MultiCam
  • Hook and Loop Flap Closure
  • Drawstring with cord lock
  • Multiple carrying options:
    • MOLLE
    • Belt
    • Carabiner
  • 4"H x 2"W x 1.5"D

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