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Tru-Spec Hot Weather Scorpion OCP Army Combat Uniform Shirt

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Attention, soldiers! Listen up and let me fill you in on the TRU-SPEC Hot Weather Scorpion OCP Army Combat Uniform Shirt. This here is a uniform designed specifically to keep you cool and comfortable in scorching hot environments. We all know how unforgiving the heat can be out there, but fear not, for this uniform has got your back!

First off, the fabric used in this bad boy is no ordinary fabric. It's made from CORDURA NYCO Extreme Rip-Stop, which is not only 17% lighter than the standard-issue combat uniform fabric, but it also boasts some impressive qualities. Get this—it has 3 times higher tearing strength, 10 times the breathability, and it dries a whopping 35% faster than that US Mil-Spec MIL-DTL-44436B NYCO fabric. Yeah, you heard that right!

The main body of the shirt is made from 5-6 oz. CORDURA NYCO Extreme fabric, and it even has a wrinkle-free finish. Can you believe that? No more worrying about looking like a wrinkled mess while you're out there in the heat. And check out that fold-down collar with fusible interlining. It's all about that sharp, professional look, soldiers!

Now, let's talk about the features that make this uniform stand out. It's got a single-breasted, 6-button concealed front placket. That means you'll have a neat and tidy appearance without any distracting buttons. Plus, there's a loop tape on the front placket for attaching your rank patch. Gotta show off that rank, right?

There's also loop tape on the front to accommodate your Name and US Army Tape. Personalization is important, soldiers! And take a look at those bellow-style top opening upper sleeve pockets. They've even got drain-holes, so you won't have to worry about any unwanted moisture pooling up in there. Stay dry and comfortable, that's the name of the game.

Now, let's move on to the sleeves. You'll find an 'Friend or Foe' Identification tab with hook and loop closure. That's right, we don't want any confusion out there on the field. Safety first! And just above the upper sleeve pocket, there's an IFF tab cover. It's all about attention to detail, soldiers.

The elbow patches on this uniform are no joke either. They're reinforced with 330D CORDURA MIL-DTL-32439 Type IV nylon. So go ahead and crawl, slide, and do whatever it takes, knowing that your elbows are protected.

But wait, there's more! The sleeve closure is a button cuff with 3-button hole positions. Find the perfect fit for your arms, soldiers. And don't forget about the handy 2-channel pencil pocket on the left sleeve. Keep those pencils at the ready!

And finally, this uniform is GSA/TAA Compliant. We're talking about a top-notch, government-approved piece of gear right here.

So there you have it, soldiers. The TRU-SPEC Hot Weather Scorpion OCP Army Combat Uniform Shirt. It's lighter, stronger, more breathable, and dries faster than your standard combat uniform. It's the go-to choice for hot weather combat. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and stay ready for action!

The TRU-SPEC® Hot Weather Scorpion OCP Combat Uniform is designed to allow the wearer a cooler uniform in extremely hot environments. Designed to be cooler and breathe better than the standard-issue combat uniform. Constructed from CORDURA® NYCO Extreme Rip-Stop that is 17% lighter while displaying 3x higher tearing strength, 10x the breathability and drying 35% faster than US Mil-Spec MIL-DTL-44436B NYCO fabric. Uniforms in the fabric are currently selected and fielded as the US Army Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform.

  • CORDURA® NYCO Extreme 5-6 oz. main body wrinkle-free finish fabric
  • Fold-down collar with fusible interlining
  • Single-breasted, 6-button concealed front placket
  • Front placket with loop tape for rank patch
  • Front loop tape to accommodate Name and US Army Tape
  • 2- bellow style top opening upper sleeve pockets with drain-holes
  • 'Friend or Foe' Identification tab on sleeves with hook and loop closure
  • IFF tab cover on the sleeve above the upper sleeve pocket
  • 330D CORDURA® MIL-DTL-32439 Type IV nylon reinforced elbow patches
  • Button cuff sleeve closure with 3-button hole positions
  • 2-channel pencil pocket on the left sleeve
  • GSA/TAA Compliant
  • CORDURA® NYCO Extreme Rip-Stop Compared to the US Mil-Spec MIL-DTL-44436B, CLASS 11 for NYCO fabric
    - 57% T420 high tenacity nylon / 43% cotton Rip-Stop is 17% lighter
    - Up to 3x higher tearing strength
    - Up to 10x more breathable
    - Up to 35% faster drying time

    *Currently selected and fielded for US Army Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform

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