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Snugpak Hammock Quilt

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If you've tried to climb into a sleeping bag on a hammock, you'll know what a struggle it can be! The Snugpak Hammock Quilt is designed to keep you warm and comfortable with the benefit of giving you easy access to your hammock. The quilt lays over you with a section for your feet and insulated flaps to tuck down each side, helping to keep it in place all night.

Filled with Snugpak's Travelsoft Insulation, it can be stored in the supplied stuff sack for long periods of time, and when unpacked it won't have lost any of its thermal characteristics.

Due to the versatility of the hammock insulation systems, the wide variety of applications and variations in camp set up it is difficult to establish an overall comfort temperature for these items. As a general reference the insulation used is Travelsoft with the similar fill weights to our two season sleeping bags. We would strongly recommend you experiment with your own set up and gradually build up to more extreme temperatures until you are confident of the overall thermal performance.

Combine the quilt with the Snugpak Hammock Under Blanket and you'll have a complete insulated shell around you - you'll be as warm as toast!

  • The Travelsoft filling has great insulating properties, trapping heat and maximizing comfort
  • Made with Micro Diamond fabric with a Paratex antibacterial treatment
  • Antibacterial Discourages the growth of bacteria which also results in a reduction of odors
  • Use with all hammocks
  • Comes with compression stuff sack
  • Weight 39oz (1100g)
  • Dimensions 71 x 43in (180 x 109cm)
  • Pack Size 9 x 9in (24 x 24)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas Guentner
3.5 stars but very warm

Snugpak often avoids temperature rating it's products and leaves it to the user to decide on appropriate range. I normally run warm, especially when I sleep. I've been able to test this top quilt in all sorts of fall and winter conditions and have not had a problem with staying warm so long as I've prepared appropriately. 40 degrees fahrenheit with wool socks, synthetic camp pants or flannel pajama bottoms and a base layer top with fleece hoodie had me feeling cozy. At 30 degrees I'll add a fleece beanie under my hoodie and either wear lofted thermal socks or goose down camp booties to keep my extremities insulated. Under 30f down to 20f sees me with thicker fleece lined sweatspants, wool socks, down booties and adding a merino wool layer up top with a buff over my face. Around 20f I will also add a Jacks R Better fleece quilt liner to boost my warmth. My underquilt is rated to 30f and I will slip a reflectix pad under my back and butt in the 20's to help boost the overall rating.

I give the Snugpak top quilt 3.5 stars for warmth, comfort, and the peace of mind I have using it in wet conditions due to it being a synthetic filling and not down. It is an affordable option for a starter kit or a loaner for a friend but also fills a niche for wet weather hammock camping.

The main cons of this top quilt are that it is heavy and bulky at 39 ounces. It does come with a sturdy compression sack and will squeeze down in size for packability. This is certainly not an ultralight piece of backpacking gear. As far as the design and fit are concerned, at 5'10" and 175 lbs it is roomy and comfortable. However, the footbox is extremely short and I have had to reposition my feet overnight at least once on every trip or backyard hang. The lack of footbox depth also means that your feet and calf's are susceptible to chill from any gaps in your underquilt or cross winds under your tarp. If you have one problem you're almost destined to have another.

I go back and forth on the "wings" or "flaps" sewn onto the sides. On one hand, they do help the quilt stay in place and help preserve some of the warmth created between the top quilt and underquilt. On the other hand, they aren't necessary and the extra weight would be better used extending the footbox. I have thought about removing them and modifying the footbox on my own.

Overall, this is a good purchase for a weekend warrior making small backpacking trips but not something you would want taking up pack space and adding extra weight on a through hike. I would suggest this top quilt for anyone who wants to start hammock camping but isn't ready to pay for premium gear out of the gate. It has worked great in colder conditions with the proper clothing and considerations. You don't have to worry about getting it wet and the rip stop material makes it sturdy enough for stealth camping or bushcrafters where campsites aren't as refined or established. You will want to invest in the warmth of your feet given the small size of the footbox. Paired with a comparable underquilt the Snugpak hammock quilt will keep you warm enough that most of these other issues will seem minor until they matter. Still, a great product for the money.

Shelby Deatherage
Great product

Already tested it in 30 degree weather and worked great!

Coming in Hot
Snug Fan

Started with the under quilt from Mad City and have now added the top quilt. Very nice quality items that fulfill my needs. Mad City has the best pricing on Snugpak items around, especially with free shipping.

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