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The Jungle Blanket XL is a larger version of our traditional Jungle Blanket. Whether you are larger than the average person or just want a bigger blanket the Jungle Blanket XL is a warm, lightweight, less bulky alternative to a traditional blanket or poncho liner used by many people. Snugpak has engineered the Jungle Blanket using Travelsoft Insulation, designed for exceptional performance using ultra lightweight, high loft fibres that work superbly even after being compressed into a small, compact size for lightweight travelling. The Jungle Blanket also has an Antibacterial and anti-microbial treatment as well as is windproof and water resistant. The Jungle Blanket XL will become your best friend when the temperature drops!
  • Dimensions: 90"L x 72"W
  • Weight: 32 oz
  • Pack Size: 6" x 10"
  • Available in olive drab only

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Customer Reviews

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Best price for snugpak When you buy more than 3 out of everywhere else.

I’ve been using my black jungle blanket everyday as a bed blanket since 2016. It’s still going strong and as warm as the day I got it. I took it to the chilly beach in Santa Cruz, CA and it has been a godsend. Everyone huddled under my regular size snugpak.

This year I decided to buy 4 XL blankets for my friends for Christmas.

I just wish they had XL in black, but nonetheless I’ll be only buying black for now on.

More of a good thing

I chose the XL version of the Jungle Blanket so , at 6’4, I’d never need more. It’s a well made product, good stitching with a quality feel to it. I’m hoping to use it when hammock camping either under me to ward off CBS, or as an extremely water resistant, quick to deploy rain shield for unexpected showers when I didn’t hang my tarp. Time to retire my old GI poncho liner!

awesome blanket

Its very light and warm and it packs down into a pretty small package. This was also the cheapest I could find

Warm blanket

I like the extra size of this blanket, over the regular-sized jungle blanket. The snugpak jungle blankets are a step up from the USGI standard poncho liner. They are much warmer for the weight and have the same characteristics of being warm when wet, quick drying and compressible. The dual coating makes the blanket water resistant and the soft side is not slippery and less likely to rearrange. I have replaced my poncho liners with these in my camping and car kits.

Excellent And Even Better With Modifications

OK, this XL size is 90 inches long by 72 inches wide. Its a little big for smaller guys, but just right if you are over 6 feet tall and weigh more than 225 pounds. It is warmer than a standard poncho liner, and a little more bulky due to the extra loft. It was tough stuffing it back in the included stuff sack, but manageable.
I took it to a tailor shop and had them add a #5 YKK 2-way zipper. So now the blanket can be zipped in half and be 90 inches long and 36 inches wide. That is large enough for me to roll around in there without twisting the bag around with me like a pretzel. I can get in there wearing my socks and booties, hunting pants, and shirt with a Primaloft vest or softshell jacket. All of that in size XXL on my 6 foot 2 inch frame! I laid on a foam pad, slept in this bag/blanket, under a tarp with no bivy bag in NH in the early winter, when the night temps dropped to just below freezing. It was as warm as the green patrol bag and foam pad I used in the Army. Its big enough like this to use as an overbag with your normal sleeping bag shoved inside this blanket/bag. Should give you at least 10 to 20 degrees more warmth than the rated temp for the sleeping bag alone. Zippers 90 inches long run about $10 to $15. The extra sewing fee can be as low as $15 and as much as $30. Still worth it in my opinion, and it still fits in the included stuff sack once the zipper is on. But, if you need to pack up and screw in a hurry, buy a larger stuff sack.



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