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The Snowshoe Saga of 2021

Update 3/6/01

We are expecting a large shipment of MSR snowshoes within 5 - 10 days.  We don't know how many or specifically what styles until we receive the shipment but we will be shipping them all out within 24 hours of arriving to our store.  We will be sending out emails with tracking information the moment the items ship out.

Why is there a national delay of snowshoes?

MSR is the leading snowshoe manufacture of snowshoes in the United States.  In late November we were notified that MSR was having production delays because of a worldwide shortage of raw material.  On 11/27 we updated our website with a disclaimer that MSR snowshoes would not be available until sometime January which was the best information available at that time.  Because of this production delay, finding new snowshoes has been difficult for consumers as stores both big and small have been out of stock for much of the winter season.

When will MSR snowshoes becoming available?

MSR snowshoes are shipping to dealers as fast as MSR is able to produce them.  As you can imagine, because they were out of stock of these for so long, every dealer in the nation has outstanding purchase orders waiting to be filled.  MSR is working hard at getting caught up but at this moment we are unable to provide a firm ETA of the date they'll come available.  We hope soon but the worldwide issues the past 12 months has created major production and shipping delays in nearly every industry in the world.

What are your options?

Canceling an existing order is never a problem.  We are easy!  But before canceling we wanted to provide a couple things to consider.

First, you might consider changing your order to TSL brand snowshoes.  MSR are the most well known brand in the USA.  TSL is the leading brand in Europe.  TSL is French designed and produced in Finland.  TSL snowshoes are shipping with minimal delays.  We are receiving TSL shipments approximately every 5 - 10 days.  If you'd like to switch your order to a TSL snowshoe, just provide us your order number and the part # (SKU) of the TSL snowshoe you'd rather have which is displayed below the product description.  Keep in mind our website will show the number of TSL snowshoes we have in stock right next to the price and above the add to cart button.  It will display "xxx available".  You can view their collection here >>> https://www.madcityoutdoor.com/collections/tsl-outdoor

Second, we've received some emails from customers wishing to remove their names from the waiting list stating they'll just reorder next snow season.  Something to consider is MSR is behind in production.  It is extremely likely that the next winter season will also be plagued with production delays as well.  Not only will the normal buyers be seeking snowshoes but ALSO all the buyers from the previous season who weren't able to get their orders filled will be reordering as well.  There is a likelihood that the next snow season could be just as difficult sourcing them as well.  Again, canceling is never an issue but if you are still in the market for snowshoes for either this season or the next, we recommend keeping your name on the list or you might be running into the same problem again trying to reorder at a later date.



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