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5.11 Tactical Traverse Double Buckle Belt Battle Brown

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The 5.11 Tactical Traverse Double Buckle Belt Battle Brown is a versatile and high-quality belt designed for various purposes. It has the following features:

  1. Strong, Durable, and Comfortable: The belt is built with enhanced strength and durability, ensuring it can withstand heavy use. Despite its robust construction, it remains comfortable to wear.

  2. Holster and Sidearm Support: The Traverse Double Buckle Belt is specifically designed to securely support a holster and sidearm. It prevents rolling or deforming, allowing for easy and reliable carrying of essential equipment.

  3. Two-Tone Lightweight Aluminum Anodized Buckles: The belt features lightweight buckles made of aluminum with an anodized finish. These buckles not only add visual appeal with their two-tone design but also contribute to the belt's overall lightweight feel.

  4. Ribbed Weave Nylon Webbing: The belt is made of ribbed weave nylon webbing, which enhances its durability and resilience. This type of webbing provides added strength and prevents sagging or stretching over time.

  5. 1.5" Wide: The belt measures 1.5 inches in width, providing a suitable balance between functionality and comfort. This width allows it to fit comfortably through most belt loops while still offering ample support.

  6. 5.11 Signature Reinforced Belt Tip: The belt is equipped with a reinforced belt tip bearing the signature 5.11 logo. This reinforcement ensures the belt remains securely fastened and prevents fraying or wear at the end.

  7. Mini Flag Attachment Point with 1"x1" Loop Patch on Front: The belt features a mini flag attachment point, allowing users to display small flags or patches. There is a 1"x1" loop patch on the front, providing a convenient area to attach such items.

  8. Subtle 5.11 Logo Touches Throughout: The belt incorporates subtle 5.11 logo touches throughout its design. These discreet logos add a touch of brand identity without being overly prominent.

  9. Sizes Run Small: It is important to note that the sizes for this belt tend to run small. To ensure a proper fit, it is recommended to order one size up from your regular size.

In summary, the 5.11 Tactical Traverse Double Buckle Belt Battle Brown is a reliable and functional belt suitable for both casual and duty wear. It offers strength, durability, and comfort while accommodating the carrying of a holster and sidearm. The lightweight aluminum anodized buckles, ribbed weave nylon webbing, reinforced belt tip, mini flag attachment point, and subtle logo touches contribute to its overall design and functionality.

A superior multi-purpose belt, the Traverse™ Double Buckle is 1.5” wide and features enhanced strength and durability in a comfortable low profile design. Ideal for both casual and duty wear, the Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt easily supports a holster and sidearm without rolling or deforming. Additional features include lightweight aluminum anodized buckles, ribbed weave nylon webbing, a reinforced signature 5.11® belt tip, and subtle logo touches throughout.

  • Strong, durable, comfortable
  • Supports a holster and sidearm
  • Two tone lightweight aluminum anodized buckles
  • Ribbed weave nylon webbing
  • 1.5” wide
  • 5.11® Signature reinforced belt tip
  • Mini flag attachment point with 1”x1” loop patch on front
  • Subtle 5.11® logo touches throughout
  • Sizes run small; we recommend that you order 1 size up
28 - 30" 32 - 34" 36 - 38" 40 - 42" 44 - 46"



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