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ASP Chain Identifier Ultra Cuffs - Steel Bow

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Advanced materials, design and construction make ASP’s patented Ultra Cuff the safest restraint in the industry. The forged frame, flat bow contact surface, rounded edges and exacting tolerances reduce the risk of subject injury, while enhancing application speed and precision.

Exclusive, interchangeable, replaceable Lock Set features keyways on both sides of the cuff, and high-visibility double-lock indicator. Identifier handcuffs add permanent color options, to readily distinguish the restraints of different agencies or divisions, or designate security or medical status.

  • Replaceable lock set
  • Computer designed/forged frame technology
  • Dual keyways
  • Length: 9.4"
  • Width: 3.125"
  • Weight: 9 ounces

Introducing the ASP Chain Identifier Ultra Cuffs - Steel Bow: The Ultimate Solution for Secure and Efficient Restraints

Explore the pinnacle of restraint technology with our ASP Chain Identifier Ultra Cuffs - Steel Bow. Crafted with precision engineering and unparalleled expertise, these cuffs offer superior control and security in a variety of situations.

Ultra Strong Steel Bow Construction: Our cuffs feature a robust steel bow design, ensuring maximum durability and resistance against tampering. The steel bow design serves as a visual deterrent, deterring any attempts at escape.

Chain Identifier Mechanism: With the innovative chain identifier mechanism, these cuffs provide seamless adjustability to fit a wide range of wrist sizes securely. This mechanism eliminates guesswork, making sure the cuffs remain snug and effective, while still being comfortable for the detainee.

Cutting-edge Security: The advanced locking system guarantees that once engaged, the cuffs stay locked until released by authorized personnel. The state-of-the-art locking mechanism ensures a secure hold, preventing any unauthorized attempts at removal.

Versatile Applications: Whether in law enforcement, private security, or professional settings, our ASP Chain Identifier Ultra Cuffs excel. Their reliability and versatility make them ideal for apprehensions, transport, and secure confinement.

Unmatched Comfort: Despite their rugged construction, these cuffs prioritize detainee comfort. The smooth interior reduces friction and discomfort during extended wear, ensuring that the individual remains under control without unnecessary strain.

Invest in the most advanced restraint solution on the market with ASP Chain Identifier Ultra Cuffs - Steel Bow. Embrace a new standard of security and control, and equip yourself with the tools necessary to maintain order with confidence. Order now to experience the next level of restraint technology.

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