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Bianchi Model 152 Pocket Piece Concealment holster

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Made of premium, full grain leather, the Model 152 holster is a pocket holster sized exactly for the gun it holds. Dual pocket hooks and a vertical assist pad ensure the holster stays in the pocket during the drawing of the weapon. Available in Plain Tan finish.
  • Full grain leather interior for a smooth draw
  • Vertical Assist finger pad for facilitating draw from pocket
  • Designed with dual molded pocket hooks to help prevent holster movement when drawing
  • Leather is rough side out to cling to pocket interior
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Customer Reviews

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Affordable Quality

This is a nice little holster for a good price. I've used it with a 1.78" S&W J frame 340 (hammerless) and a 2.25" S&W Ladysmith 642 J frame (exposed hammer), both fit well. The holster is inherently loose as the tanned leather is on the inside, making the revolver easier to unholster, which I like because I usually wear jeans and I'm not worried about a gun falling out of my pocket. This holster might be a bit too loose for use in slacks/chinos, dress pants. The only real drawback is the pull tab thingy that's above the backstrap/ hammer area, I'm not sure why they put it in or what the use is for it. It just gets in the way of having a better "purchase".



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