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Bianchi Model 7115 Vanguard Mid-Ride Duty Holster

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The Bianchi Model 7115 Vanguard Mid-Ride Duty Holster is a top-draw, standard ride duty holster designed for law enforcement and duty use. It features several key components and technologies to provide secure weapon retention, smooth draw, and enhanced protection for the firearm. Here is a detailed description based on the provided information:

  1. Design and Construction:

    • The holster is constructed using AccuMold trilaminate technology, which provides a precise molded fit and ensures durability for rigorous duty use.
    • The exterior of the holster features a ballistic weave material, known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear.
    • The interior of the holster is lined with a soft poly-knit Coptex lining. This lining serves two purposes: it protects the finish of the gun, preventing scratches or scuffs, and it facilitates a smooth draw by reducing friction.
  2. Retention and Security:

    • The Model 7115 utilizes Bianchi Tension Strips molded inside the holster to enhance gun retention. These strips exert pressure on the firearm, ensuring it stays securely in place during movement.
    • The holster incorporates a thumb snap closure mechanism. This snap provides an additional layer of retention, keeping the firearm firmly in the holster until intentionally released.
    • To further secure the holster to the duty belt, there is a locking strip on the inside of the belt loop. This feature ensures that the holster remains in place during active duty situations, preventing accidental movement or loss.
  3. Carry and Comfort:

    • The holster offers a straight drop carry, allowing for quick and efficient drawing of the firearm.
    • It has a closed muzzle design, which means the front end of the holster fully encloses the barrel and muzzle of the gun. This provides additional protection for the firearm and prevents dirt, debris, or moisture from entering the holster.
    • The metal reinforced jacket slot belt loop has a width of 2.25 inches (58mm), accommodating standard duty belts. The loop is curved for comfort, allowing the holster to sit securely and comfortably on the wearer's hip.
  4. Sight Protection:

    • The Model 7115 features a Sight Channel that acts as a guide to protect the front sight of the firearm during the drawing process. This design element helps prevent accidental damage to the front sight and ensures a clear line of sight when acquiring targets.

In summary, the Bianchi Model 7115 Vanguard Mid-Ride Duty Holster is a well-designed and durable duty holster. Its features, such as AccuMold construction, Coptex lining, tension strips, thumb snap closure, closed muzzle design, and sight channel, all contribute to secure weapon retention, smooth draw, protection of the firearm, and overall comfort for law enforcement and duty personnel.

The Model 7115 top draw, standard ride duty holster offers a straight drop carry with Bianchi Tension Strips™, molded inside the holster for added weapon retention. It has a thumb snap closure, closed muzzle design and jacket slot belt loop. The Sight Channel™ offers a guide to protect the front sight as the gun is drawn. AccuMold® technology offers a precisely molded fit, with a ballistic weave exterior and soft, poly-knit Coptex™ lining that helps protect the gun’s finish.

  • Top-draw thumb snap holster with AccuMold® trilaminate construction for duty use
  • Unique Coptex™ inner lining that helps protect gun finish and allows a smooth draw
  • Internal Tension Strips™ enhance gun retention
  • Locking strip on inside of belt loop secures holster to Model 7200 and other duty belts
  • Standard ride
  • Closed muzzle
  • Metal reinforced 2.25" (58mm) jacket slot belt loop, curved for comfort

Customer Reviews

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Joel Phillips

Perfect fit and great quality, smooth carry. Shipping took several weeks due to the factory so be prepared.

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