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Bianchi Model 7300 Covered Handcuff Case

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Introducing the Bianchi Model 7300 AccuMold® Covered Handcuff Case – your reliable companion for secure and accessible handcuff storage. Crafted with precision and designed for law enforcement professionals, this handcuff case seamlessly blends advanced technology with superior functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Trilaminate Construction: Engineered with a robust trilaminate construction, this handcuff case ensures long-lasting durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily law enforcement use.

  2. Coptex™ Knit Lining: The interior of the case features the innovative Coptex™ knit lining, providing a protective and smooth surface for your handcuffs, preventing scratches and damage.

  3. Secure Closure Options: Equipped with your choice of either hook and loop or hidden snap closure, the Model 7300 guarantees a secure and quick-access solution for your handcuffs, ensuring they stay in place when you need them most.

  4. Optimal Capacity: This handcuff case is designed to snugly hold one pair of standard handcuffs, keeping them readily accessible while maintaining a low-profile appearance.

  5. Dual Belt Loop Compatibility: With a versatile design in mind, the Model 7300 features dual belt loops that conveniently accommodate both 2-inch (50 mm) and 2.25-inch (58 mm) duty belts, providing a customizable fit for various law enforcement gear setups.

Whether you're an experienced officer or a dedicated security professional, the Bianchi Model 7300 AccuMold® Covered Handcuff Case sets a new standard for handcuff carry solutions. The trilaminate construction guarantees enduring performance, while the Coptex™ knit lining ensures your handcuffs remain in pristine condition.

Choose between the hook and loop closure or the hidden snap closure, tailoring your preference for rapid deployment or added security. The case's ability to securely hold a single pair of standard handcuffs minimizes bulkiness and enhances your overall mobility.

Moreover, the dual belt loop design is a testament to its adaptability, catering to different belt widths and allowing you to position the case precisely where you find it most ergonomic. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and hello to a streamlined, efficient accessory that complements your duty belt seamlessly.

Invest in the Bianchi Model 7300 AccuMold® Covered Handcuff Case – where cutting-edge craftsmanship meets tactical functionality. Elevate your law enforcement gear with a handcuff case that prioritizes performance, durability, and accessibility. Whether you're on patrol, in pursuit, or maintaining order, this handcuff case is your ultimate partner in crime prevention.

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