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Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Breaching Sledge

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Our newly redesigned Breaching Sledge features a more compact breaching head for improved maneuverability and counter-angled friction ridges for added stability during breaching. The Breaching Sledge brings together the best of both worlds, combining the strike face of a sledge hammer with the prying wedge of a Hallagan Tool, all in a smaller and more balanced package.

• Micro-metal composition for added strength and reduced spalling when struck by another Breaching Sledge
• Electrically nonconductive fiberglass handle is resistant to 100,000 volts AC
• Sure-grip handle system reduces the chance of slippage during operations
• Friction ridges on the wedge for added grip and stability during breaching
• Length: 22”
• Weight: 8 lbs.

We love BlackHawk gear and the Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Breaching Sledge is not the only BlackHawk item we offer. In addition to the Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Breaching Sledge, we carry a wide variety of pants including camouflage pants, tactical pants, BDUs and more!




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