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Alright team, listen up. Today we're executing a high-risk search warrant and we need to be prepared for anything. As part of our equipment, we'll be using the Blackhawk Dynamic Entry ThunderMaul.

The ThunderMaul is a versatile tool designed for forced entry situations. It's made of hardened steel and has a weighted head for maximum impact. The head also features a pry-bar and a pick for added functionality.

The handle is made of reinforced fiberglass and has a non-slip grip to ensure a secure hold even in the most intense situations. The length of the ThunderMaul provides us with the necessary leverage to breach doors, windows, and walls.

Remember, we're using this tool as a last resort when all other methods of entry have been exhausted. When using the ThunderMaul, we need to exercise caution and make sure we have a clear line of sight to avoid injuring ourselves or anyone else.

Alright team, let's gear up and be ready to use the ThunderMaul if necessary. Stay focused and stay safe out there.

The ergonomically designed ThunderMaul incorporates an axe and sledge into one compact tool for diverse entry functions.

  • Electrically nonconductive handle system is resistant to 100,000 volts AC
  • Sure-grip handle system reduces slippage during operations
  • Drop-forged, heat-treated carbon steel striking head
  • Nick-resistant tempered blade
  • Length: 21.5½
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.

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