BlackHawk Foundation Series 5.56 Double Mag Pouch

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The Blackhawk Foundation Series 5.56 Double Mag Pouch is an exceptional piece of gear designed to securely house AR15-style magazines or items of similar size. This pouch is meticulously crafted with a keen focus on quality, ensuring your equipment remains organized, accessible, and well-protected.

At the core of its design is an adjustable shock cord, purposefully integrated to fasten your magazines within the pouch. This feature not only guarantees a secure fit but also offers the flexibility of easy removal for swift access when the situation demands it. The pouch's elastic body is ingeniously engineered to snugly conform to the shape of your magazines, guaranteeing a precise fit and enabling a seamless, fluid draw during critical moments.

The versatility of the Foundation Series 5.56 Double Mag Pouch is evident through its intelligent construction. A single strip of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing is thoughtfully incorporated, allowing you to augment the pouch's functionality by attaching smaller pouches on the outside. This thoughtful design choice enables you to customize your loadout according to your specific needs, whether it's adding pistol magazine pouches or other essential accessories.

Crafted with utmost attention to detail, this pouch is defined by its lightweight and low-profile laser-cut MOLLE design. The innovative laser-cut approach ensures a clean, streamlined appearance while contributing to the pouch's overall weight reduction. Constructed from a robust 1000D/500D laminate material, the pouch embodies durability without compromising flexibility, providing you with a gear solution that can withstand demanding operational environments.

Additional features of this pouch include the incorporation of MOLLE tuck straps, strategically equipped with polymer stiffeners. These enhancements facilitate hassle-free weaving into compatible platforms, enhancing the pouch's stability and reliability during use.

It's worth noting that the Blackhawk Foundation Series 5.56 Double Mag Pouch is a testament to its meticulous craftsmanship, as it is manufactured in Vietnam. This pouch is part of the broader Foundation Series, which comprises high-quality gear built with the utmost attention to detail and functionality.

Whether you're a professional operator or an avid enthusiast, the Blackhawk Foundation Series 5.56 Double Mag Pouch stands as a prime example of thoughtful engineering and quality construction, ensuring that your magazines are securely stored, easily accessible, and exceptionally well-protected in the field.

  • Lightweight, low-profile laser-cut design
  • Rugged 1000D/500D laminate material
  • MOLLE tuck straps contain a polymer stiffener to aid in weaving
  • Durable, yet flexible 1000D to 500D laminate material
  • Lightweight and low profile laser cut MOLLE design
  • Elastic side panel construction offers multi-fit capability
  • MOLLE tuck straps contain a polymer stiffener to aid in weaving
  • Adjustable shock cord secures your magazines, or can be removed for fast access
  • Single strip of MOLLE allows you to attach smaller pouches to the outside, such as a pistol magazine pouch
  • Made in Vietnam
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