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BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5"

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Introducing the BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5", the epitome of tactical excellence in belt gear. Crafted to deliver unwavering support, reliability, and comfort, this belt sets the standard for instructors and operators alike.

Engineered with uncompromising precision, the BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5" boasts a rugged and durable construction, built to withstand the harshest operational environments. Constructed from premium nylon webbing, it provides the strength and resilience necessary for any mission, ensuring your gear stays securely in place.

This belt's 1.5-inch width strikes the perfect balance between versatility and stability. It offers a secure platform for holsters, magazine pouches, and other essential gear, empowering you with quick and easy access to your tools of the trade. No matter the situation, this belt keeps your equipment exactly where you need it, ensuring lightning-fast response times.

Equipped with a robust buckle, the BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5" delivers a dependable and adjustable fit. The buckle is designed to withstand intense pressure and forces, providing a secure and fail-safe closure. It allows for rapid donning and doffing, enabling you to gear up swiftly during critical moments.

Comfort is paramount in any tactical scenario, and this belt delivers in spades. With its ergonomic design and enhanced weight distribution, it reduces fatigue and ensures long-lasting wearability. Even during extended operations, the BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5" remains steadfast, providing unrivaled support without sacrificing mobility.

Whether you're a seasoned instructor, law enforcement professional, or dedicated operator, the BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5" is the ultimate companion in the field. Designed to meet the demanding needs of those who demand the best, this belt is a testament to BlackHawk's commitment to excellence and reliability.

Gear up with the BlackHawk Instructors Gun Belt - 1.5" and experience the pinnacle of tactical performance. Trust in its strength, adaptability, and comfort to enhance your operational effectiveness and give you the edge in every situation. Stay mission-ready, stay in control.

The Instructors Gun Belt gives you the added benefit of a polyethylene spine to help bear the weight of your belt-mounted holster and heavy equipment. Whether you wear it with jeans or khakis, for casual or duty carry, this belt is designed to offer extreme support.  

  • Parachute-grade buckles and adapters meet PIA-H-7195 standards
  • 1.5½ webbing
  • Nylon webbing only tensile strength: 7,000-lb. (solid colors) or 5,000-lb. (MultiCam)
  • Hook & loop secures running end

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