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BlackHawk Leather Magazine Pouch - Single Mag

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The BlackHawk Leather Magazine Pouch - Single Mag, a reliable tool in the arsenal of seasoned detectives. Crafted with precision and purpose, this leather pouch boasts a multitude of features designed to enhance both practicality and efficiency in the field.

Equipped with a multi-position quick-snap belt attachment, this pouch ensures easy access to your weapon magazines, granting you swift reloads when the situation demands it. No matter the firearm you wield, this pouch accommodates a variety of magazine types, offering versatility without compromise.

With an integral tension-adjustable screw, you possess the power to fine-tune the pouch's grip on your magazines. Each adjustment made grants you the ideal level of tension necessary to secure your ammunition, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.

Never shall the pouch falter or lose its firm grip, for it is bolstered by a removable, angle-adjustable belt clip, armed with a talon-like grip. This formidable combination ensures that the pouch remains steadfastly in place, unyielding even in the most intense pursuits or exchanges of fire.

In its single-stack configuration, this pouch caters to the likes of 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal, and 10mm magazines. A dependable choice for those who favor these ammunition types, the pouch is purpose-built to accommodate their specific dimensions, delivering a snug fit that guarantees secure and efficient retrieval.

Alternatively, for those who embrace the power of double-stack magazines, the pouch offers a fitting solution. Perfectly tailored for 9mm and .40 cal rounds, this variant ensures that your double-stack magazines rest comfortably within its confines, granting you the ability to swiftly access your ammunition without sacrificing reliability.

In the ever-unpredictable world of law enforcement, where preparedness is paramount, the BlackHawk Leather Magazine Pouch - Single Mag emerges as an essential ally. With its versatile design, tension-adjustable grip, and unyielding belt attachment, this pouch exemplifies the qualities that embody a seasoned detective: adaptability, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to the mission at hand.

This leather magazine pouch features a multi-position quick-snap belt attachment.

  • Fits a variety of weapon magazines
  • Integral tension-adjustable screw for tension adjustment
  • Removable, angle-adjustable belt clip with talon keeps pouch in place
  • Single-stack versions fit 9mm/.40 cal/.45 cal/10mm
  • Double-stack versions fit 9mm/.40 cal

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