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BlackHawk Nylon Bedside Holster - Ambidextrous

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The BlackHawk Nylon Bedside Holster is a versatile and ambidextrous holster designed to provide secure storage and easy access to a firearm while keeping it within reach on the bedside. It is specifically designed for use during the night when you may want to keep your firearm close for personal protection.

The holster is constructed from durable and rugged nylon material, which ensures its longevity and reliability. The nylon material is resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for regular use. It features a lightweight design that adds to its convenience and ensures minimal bulkiness.

The ambidextrous feature of the holster allows both right-handed and left-handed individuals to utilize it comfortably. It can be positioned on either side of the bed, depending on your preference or the layout of your bedroom. This versatility is particularly useful for households where different individuals may have different dominant hand orientations.

The BlackHawk Nylon Bedside Holster is designed to securely hold a variety of handguns, including most compact and full-size models. It typically features an adjustable retention strap or a thumb break strap to securely hold the firearm in place, preventing accidental movement or dislodging.

To attach the holster to the bedside, it usually utilizes a hook-and-loop system or a slide-under mattress design. The hook-and-loop system ensures that the holster remains firmly in place without shifting during regular movements. Alternatively, the slide-under mattress design securely anchors the holster between the mattress and box spring, providing stability and quick access.

One of the primary advantages of the BlackHawk Nylon Bedside Holster is its accessibility. By keeping the firearm within arm's reach, it allows for quick retrieval in case of an emergency. The holster is designed to keep the firearm oriented towards you, ensuring a natural and efficient draw when needed.

It's important to note that safety should always be a top priority when using a bedside holster. Always ensure that the firearm is unloaded and follow proper firearms safety guidelines. Additionally, consult and comply with local laws and regulations regarding the storage and accessibility of firearms in your area.

Overall, the BlackHawk Nylon Bedside Holster provides a practical solution for keeping a firearm nearby while sleeping, offering convenience, accessibility, and ambidextrous usability.

With the ambidextrous Nylon Bedside Holster, you can rest easy knowing that your holstered handgun is nearby for quick access.

  • Ambidextrous design
  • Constructed of 1000 denier CORDURA nylon outer material
  • Mounting platform slips between mattress and box springs
  • Holds pistol beside bed for rapid access
  • Works with revolvers and semi-autos
  • Non-slip material on mounting platform for added stability
  • Universal-fit holster accommodates most handguns

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Because in your bed side table is not fast enough.....

After being a victim of an armed home invasion, awaking to the armed intruder standing above me in my bed, I can tell you that your gun being in your bedside table in a drawer is NOT convenient enough. I've purchased 3 of the bedside holsters. One for each side of our bed and then one as a gift. While it was not large enough to hold my husband's S&W Governor, it was fine for our Bersa and small 38 caliber revolver. So far I’ve been very happy.

I will buy another two more in the coming months for my daughter’s beds.

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