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Blackhawk Rifle Case

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The Blackhawk Rifle Case is a highly reliable and versatile firearm transport solution designed to meet the demanding needs of first responders. Crafted with precision and built to endure, this case is an essential tool for safeguarding and transporting rifles in critical situations.

Featuring a rugged construction, the Blackhawk Rifle Case boasts a durable outer shell made from impact-resistant materials. This ensures that the contents inside remain protected from external hazards, such as drops, bumps, or harsh weather conditions. As a first responder, you can rely on this case to shield your valuable firearms from the rigors of your mission.

Equipped with a secure locking system, the Blackhawk Rifle Case provides utmost security and peace of mind. Its robust latches and reinforced corners ensure that your rifles are securely locked within the case, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. This feature is crucial in high-stress situations where firearms must be handled with utmost care and control.

The interior of the Blackhawk Rifle Case is intelligently designed to accommodate rifles of varying sizes and configurations. Its customizable foam padding allows for a snug fit, preventing any movement or potential damage during transport. This level of protection ensures that your firearms are ready for action when you need them most, maintaining their optimal performance.

In addition to its protective qualities, the Blackhawk Rifle Case offers convenient and efficient features tailored to the needs of first responders. The case is equipped with comfortable molded handles for easy carrying, enabling swift and secure transportation during critical operations. Its compact and streamlined design allows for seamless integration into existing tactical gear setups, ensuring quick access to firearms when seconds count.

Whether you are responding to an emergency situation, conducting training exercises, or simply need a reliable means to transport your firearms, the Blackhawk Rifle Case is an indispensable asset. Its sturdy construction, secure locking system, and customizable interior make it an ideal choice for first responders who prioritize the safety and protection of their firearms in the line of duty.

Carry and protect a wide assortment of rifles with the Rifle Case. It's padded with .375-inch closed-cell foam that absorbs shock but not water. Double-stitched seam taping on raw edges with Box-X anchors add further reinforcement.

  • Full-opening zipper configures case into shooting mat
  • Durable YKK™ zippers and sliders offer quick access to content
  • Bag features four external mag pouches with adjustable lids
  • 37" Internal Dimensions 36.5"L X 11"W X 2.5"D

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