Load image into Gallery viewer, BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle
Load image into Gallery viewer, BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle
Load image into Gallery viewer, BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle
Load image into Gallery viewer, BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle
Load image into Gallery viewer, BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle
Load image into Gallery viewer, BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle


BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle

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Introducing the BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle - the epitome of tactical excellence and functionality. Designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding missions, this belt sets a new standard in tactical gear.

Crafted with precision and unwavering attention to detail, the BlackHawk Riggers Belt boasts a robust construction that exudes durability. It features a reinforced nylon webbing, engineered to withstand extreme loads and provide superior support during critical operations. Whether scaling treacherous terrains or engaging in high-stakes combat scenarios, this belt is built to keep you secure.

At the heart of its design lies the legendary Cobra Buckle, a testament to reliability and strength. This aerospace-grade, quick-release buckle ensures rapid deployment and unparalleled security. Engineered to withstand significant force, the Cobra Buckle guarantees a seamless blend of convenience and resilience, allowing for swift transitions and instant readiness in the face of danger.

The BlackHawk Riggers Belt stands tall amidst adversity, incorporating an adjustable design that caters to individual needs. The belt's versatility ensures a precise fit, accommodating various waist sizes and personal preferences. Its intuitive hook-and-loop fastener system provides quick and effortless adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort and stability in dynamic environments.

As a testament to its practicality, the BlackHawk Riggers Belt features a variety of attachment points and accessory options. MOLLE-compatible webbing enables seamless integration with a wide range of tactical equipment, facilitating the attachment of holsters, pouches, and other mission-critical tools. This belt empowers you to customize your loadout, ensuring essential gear is readily accessible at all times.

Furthermore, the BlackHawk Riggers Belt prioritizes safety with reinforced stitching and bartacking, enhancing overall durability and reliability. The buckle's distinctive click confirms secure engagement, instilling confidence even in the harshest conditions. Rest assured, this belt will endure the test of time, providing steadfast support when you need it most.

Whether you're a seasoned operative, law enforcement professional, or outdoor enthusiast, the BlackHawk Riggers Belt with Cobra Buckle stands as an essential companion in your tactical arsenal. Unyielding in its performance, this belt epitomizes the fusion of form, function, and unrelenting durability, ensuring you remain mission-ready in any situation. Choose the BlackHawk Riggers Belt, where excellence meets tactical supremacy.

Security and ease of use are of paramount importance in tactical situations, and no one understands this better than BlackHawk Emergency deployment just got easier with our new CQB/Riggers belt with COBRA buckle. The buckle and adapter meet exacting PIA-H-7195 standards. The durable, tough web construction makes this our top-of-the-line Riggers belt.  

  • Rated COBRA quick-detach buckle
  • Buckle and adapter meets PIA-H-7195 standards
  • Hook and loop secures running end
  • 1.75½ 7,000 lb tensile strength webbing for solid colors
  • 1.75½ 5,000 lb tensile strength webbing for MultiCam

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angello Georgaros
Excellent Belt

It turned out to be better than I expected. Excellent craftsmanship. Super satisfied.

Dimitris Koukourikos

Very good combat belt. Excellent seller

Johnnie Wiggins
Firefighter's Dream Belt

I believe most firefighters have abandoned the leather belts of old and have moved to the rescue belts, and quite frankly, as a firefighter, I have become quite fond of the new style. However, donning and doffing the rescue belts have always been a chore. NOT WITH THIS BAD BOY!!! Catching after hours calls and quickly donning my uniform to respond And wheels rolling in 60 seconds is a breeze. When every second counts, every second counts. With 9kn load capacity coupled with the rapid release buckle, this belt is everything I hoped it'd be. Not to mention, everyone I work with is now in the market to snag one.

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