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BlackHawk Single Mag Pouch (Double Row)

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The BlackHawk Single Mag Pouch (Double Row) is a paramount accessory designed to meet the demands of tactical professionals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pouch embodies ruggedness and reliability, ensuring seamless performance in high-intensity scenarios.

Engineered for efficiency, the Single Mag Pouch accommodates two magazines, allowing for quick access and swift reloads. Its double-row design maximizes storage capacity without compromising accessibility, providing ample space for additional ammunition to fuel your operational readiness.

Constructed from durable, high-quality materials, this pouch stands the test of time and thrives in harsh environments. Its robust construction guarantees resilience against impact, abrasion, and extreme weather conditions, ensuring your magazines remain secure and protected throughout your mission.

Designed with tactical functionality in mind, the Single Mag Pouch offers versatile attachment options. Equipped with an adjustable strap and durable buckle, it easily attaches to a variety of tactical gear, including belts, vests, and plate carriers. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into your existing loadout, enhancing your operational effectiveness without impeding mobility or maneuverability.

The intuitive design of this pouch features a quick-release mechanism, enabling rapid access to your magazines when split seconds matter. The adjustable retention strap provides a snug fit, securing your magazines in place even during rigorous movements and dynamic engagements. With every aspect carefully engineered, this pouch promotes efficient reloads and minimizes unnecessary downtime.

In the field, the BlackHawk Single Mag Pouch (Double Row) proves itself as an indispensable ally, accompanying you through the harshest conditions. Its sleek and compact profile minimizes bulk, allowing for a streamlined setup and reducing the risk of snagging or impeding your movement. Whether you are engaged in close-quarters combat or operating in a wide range of tactical environments, this pouch ensures your ammunition is within reach, maintaining your combat readiness.

Uncompromising in performance and durability, the BlackHawk Single Mag Pouch (Double Row) embodies the essence of tactical excellence. Equip yourself with this essential gear, and experience the confidence that comes from knowing your magazines are securely stowed, readily accessible, and prepared to support you in the heat of battle.

This Single Mag Pouch is crafted of molded CORDURA to bring the best of both worlds, with traditional looking, street-tough duty gear.

  • Fits most metal or polymer double stack 9mm/.40 cal. Magazines

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