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BlackHawk STORM Sling

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The BlackHawk STORM Sling is a versatile tactical sling designed for firearms. It is manufactured by BlackHawk, a renowned company known for producing high-quality tactical gear and equipment.

The STORM Sling is constructed with durable materials to ensure reliability and longevity. It features a rugged nylon webbing that can withstand rigorous use in various environments. The webbing is typically available in different colors, including black, coyote tan, and olive drab.

One of the key features of the STORM Sling is its adjustable design. It incorporates a unique quick-adjust buckle system that allows users to easily modify the length of the sling to suit their preference or operational needs. This adjustability enables the user to quickly transition between different shooting positions and provides flexibility during dynamic situations.

The sling is designed for both single-point and two-point configurations. In the single-point setup, the sling is attached to the firearm at a single connection point, typically at the rear of the receiver or stock. This configuration allows for quick maneuverability and transitions between shoulders. In the two-point setup, the sling is attached to the firearm at two connection points, usually at the front and rear of the firearm. The two-point configuration offers enhanced stability and weight distribution, making it suitable for longer periods of carrying or more precise shooting.

The STORM Sling features robust hardware, including durable metal swivels and high-strength polymer buckles. These components are designed to withstand the demands of tactical operations and ensure secure attachment to the firearm.

Additionally, the sling incorporates a bungee section to provide some shock absorption and reduce fatigue during weapon manipulation or transitions. The bungee section helps to minimize the impact of sudden movements or rifle recoil, allowing for better control and comfort.

Overall, the BlackHawk STORM Sling is a reliable and adaptable sling that offers both single-point and two-point configurations, adjustable length, and durable construction. It is a popular choice among military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters who require a versatile and dependable sling for their firearms.

This unique single-point sling is constructed of high-strength 1.25½ wide nylon webbing with an elliptical bungee for comfort and support. It adjusts from 46½ to 64½ in diameter and also features robust bar tacking and box stitching for maximum strength.

  • Compressed tubular nylon sheathing limits bounce and enhances retention
  • Elastic-encased MASH Clip for quick, positive firearm attachment
  • Heavy-duty tri-glide buckle, metal oval ring and single 300-lb. test side-release buckle for quick sling attachment and removal
  • 4½ flex for weapon agility and CQB tactics
  • Adjusts from 46½ to 64½ in diameter to fit all body sizes and around bulky tactical vests or gear

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