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BlackHawk T-Series Level 3 Duty Basketweave Holster

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With its streamlined thumb-activated retention, the T-Series L3D keeps your firearm at the ready while maintaining total security. Thanks to a drawing motion that operates off of the Master Grip Principle, you'll be able to get into the fight under even the most stressful of circumstances. A combination of reinforced outer polymer and smooth, sound-dampening, hydrophobic lining ensures your T-Series will perform no matter the elements and situation. As an added measure of security, the L3D also features a strap across the back of the firearm. Included with Jacket Slot Belt Loop attached to holster. QDR and 2-Slot Belt Loop sold separately.

  • Thumb-activated retention follows Master Grip Principle
  • Low-friction internal material for smooth and effortless draw
  • Sound-dampening lining for stealth drawing and holstering
  • Durable material provides protection with sleek design for minimal bulk
  • Level 3 adds retention strap over back of slide
  • Includes Jacket Slot Belt Loop mounted to holster
  • Made in USA

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