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Boston Leather 1 ½ Decorative Embroidered Collar, Red/White

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The Boston Leather 1 ½ Decorative Embroidered Collar in Red/White is a stylish and eye-catching accessory for your pet. It is designed to provide both comfort and flair, making it a popular choice among pet owners.

This collar features a width of 1 ½ inches, which provides a sturdy and secure fit around your pet's neck. The width is ideal for medium to large-sized dogs, but it can also be suitable for some smaller breeds depending on their neck size.

The collar is made of high-quality leather, known for its durability and longevity. Leather is a popular material for pet collars due to its strength and resistance to wear and tear. The use of leather ensures that the collar will withstand everyday use and maintain its appearance over time.

The standout feature of this collar is its decorative embroidered design. The collar is primarily red in color, with white embroidery that adds a vibrant and stylish touch. The embroidery may feature patterns, designs, or even text, depending on the specific collar style.

Not only does the embroidered design enhance the collar's aesthetic appeal, but it also adds a touch of personalization. You can choose from a variety of embroidered options, such as floral patterns, paw prints, or your pet's name, allowing you to customize the collar to your liking.

The collar is equipped with a sturdy metal buckle and a D-ring, which serves as a secure attachment point for a leash or ID tag. These hardware components are typically made of stainless steel or another durable metal, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of daily use.

When selecting a collar for your pet, it is important to consider the appropriate size and fit. The Boston Leather 1 ½ Decorative Embroidered Collar is available in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best matches your pet's neck circumference. It is essential to measure your pet's neck accurately before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

Overall, the Boston Leather 1 ½ Decorative Embroidered Collar in Red/White combines functionality and style, making it an excellent choice for pet owners who want to add a touch of flair to their furry friend's accessories.

  • Perfect for public relations appearances
  • Easily adjustable, one size fits all
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • This product comes in red/white

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