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Boston Leather Jailers Key Pouch

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The Boston Leather Jailers Key Pouch is an essential tool for any correctional officer on duty. Crafted with top grain leather, this pouch is built to withstand the rigors of the correctional environment while maintaining a professional appearance.

The upper hook of the pouch is specifically designed to securely hold Folger-Adams keys. These keys are crucial for maintaining control and security within correctional facilities. With the Boston Leather Jailers Key Pouch, you can rest assured that your Folger-Adams keys are within easy reach whenever they are needed.

The lower hook of the pouch is designed to hold standard keys. Whether it's cell keys, utility keys, or any other necessary keys, this pouch has you covered. It ensures that your keys are organized and readily accessible, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation.

One of the key features of this pouch is its ability to conceal key configurations. It prevents others from easily discerning the nature and purpose of the keys you carry, adding an extra layer of security to your duties as a correctional officer. Your keys remain discreetly hidden from view, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.

Additionally, the Boston Leather Jailers Key Pouch eliminates the annoying rattling sound that often accompanies keys. The pouch securely holds the keys in place, preventing them from jingling or making unnecessary noise while you move. This feature enhances your ability to maintain a quiet and controlled environment within the correctional facility.

In summary, the Boston Leather Jailers Key Pouch is a reliable and durable accessory that every correctional officer should have. It is designed to hold Folger-Adams keys on the upper hook and standard keys on the lower hook, ensuring easy access and organization. Its top grain leather construction exudes professionalism, while the concealed key configurations and noise reduction feature enhance security and order in the correctional environment.

  • Holds Folger-Adams keys on the upper hook
  • Hold standard keys on the lower hook
  • Conceals key figurations
  • Stops annoying rattling
  • Top grain leather

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Alex G.
Highly recommend

I ordered one after our prison changed to a professional dress-code and I noticed my pants getting ripped up by all the folger-adams keys. This is well-made, slips onto the duty belt easily, and holds the keys off my pants. No complaints!

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