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Condor Drop Leg Platform

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The Condor Drop Leg Platform is a tactical gear accessory designed to provide a comfortable and convenient way to carry various types of equipment, such as holsters, magazine pouches, and utility pouches. It is specifically designed to be attached to the thigh area, making it an ideal solution for those who need to carry additional gear but have limited space on their belt or chest rig.

The platform is constructed using durable and high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty nylon and polymer, which can withstand wear and tear even in harsh outdoor environments. It features an adjustable strap that can be secured around the user's leg, ensuring a secure fit and preventing unwanted movement.

The Condor Drop Leg Platform is versatile and customizable, allowing users to attach various types of pouches and holsters to suit their specific needs. The platform features multiple attachment points, including MOLLE webbing, which allows for easy attachment of MOLLE-compatible accessories.

One of the key benefits of the Condor Drop Leg Platform is its ability to provide easy access to equipment without impeding movement. The platform can be easily adjusted to the user's preferred height, ensuring that their gear is within easy reach while still allowing for a full range of motion.

Overall, the Condor Drop Leg Platform is an essential piece of tactical gear for military and law enforcement professionals, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who need a convenient and comfortable way to carry additional equipment.

  • Five rows of PALS webbing
  • Quick side release buckles allows detachment   without removing duty belts
  • Doubel 1.5' adjustable webbing leg rig straps,   also with side release buckles
  • Leg straps feature anti-slippage rubber stitching

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Customer Reviews

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Calvin Rikard
Good value

This leg platform is a great value. I use it to carry my ifak. It fits well and has plenty of room for adjustment. Securely holds the ifak in place. Even during vigorous training exercises. I highly recommend.


My order was delayed due to everything going on with covid-19 but customer service was very responsive and I got my order in a reasonable amount of time

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