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Condor Flex Tactical Contractor Cap

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The Condor Flex Tactical Contractor Cap is a high-quality headwear designed to offer protection from the elements while maintaining a stylish and unique appearance. It features the following specifications:

  • Material: The cap is constructed from 100% Polyester, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Design: The cap is designed with six panels made of flexible jersey fitted material. This design allows for a comfortable and secure fit on the wearer's head.

  • Eyelets: Embroidered eyelets are present on the cap to promote ventilation and keep the head cool during hot weather conditions.

  • Reinforcements: Extra stitching reinforcements are added to enhance the cap's overall strength and longevity. The seamed front panel is equipped with full buckram, providing added structure and stability.

  • Hook and Loop Panels: The cap features three hook and loop panels, commonly known as Velcro, which allow for the attachment of various patches and insignias.

  • Top Patch Panel: There is a 1" x 1" hook and loop panel located on the top of the cap. This panel offers a space to attach small patches or items, adding a customizable touch to the cap.

  • Front Patch Panel: A 2" hook and loop panel is positioned on the front of the cap, providing ample space for attaching larger patches or displaying logos, names, or other identification markers.

Overall, the Condor Flex Tactical Contractor Cap combines functionality and style, with its durable construction, ventilation features, and multiple hook and loop panels for patch customization. It is an ideal choice for individuals seeking protection, comfort, and a distinct look in their headwear.

The Condor Flex cap was made to protect you from the elements while still providing that stylish and distinct look. Now with a name tape panel and Condor Logo embossed into the velcro.

  • 100% Polyester
  • 6 panel flexible jersey fitted material
  • Embroidered eyelets
  • Extra stitching reinforcements and seamed front panel with full buckram
  • 3 hook and loop panels for patches
    • Top: 1"x 1"
    • Front: 2" x 3"
    • Back: 1" x 5"

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