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Condor H-Harness

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The Condor H-Harness is a tactical gear accessory designed to enhance comfort, support, and functionality for individuals wearing battle belts. Crafted from Genuine Scorpion OCP material, this harness not only provides a durable and reliable construction but also ensures a cohesive appearance with other military gear.

One of the notable features of the Condor H-Harness is its suspenders, which are designed to offer additional support when used in conjunction with Battle Belts. These suspenders help distribute the weight of the gear more evenly across the user's body, reducing strain and fatigue during extended periods of wear.

The harness features a contour shoulder design, which is optimized for ergonomic comfort. The three rows of webbing on the back of the harness serve as attachment points for additional gear or accessories, allowing users to customize their loadout based on mission requirements. The inclusion of D-rings and webbing on the front of the harness offers quick-access attachment options for essential tools or equipment.

To prioritize user comfort, the Condor H-Harness includes a lightly padded mesh material. This padded mesh not only provides cushioning but also facilitates air circulation, preventing excessive heat buildup and moisture accumulation during intense activities.

An important aspect of the Condor H-Harness is its recognition by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). This approval signifies that the harness has met the standards and requirements set forth by professionals in the tactical and law enforcement fields, attesting to its quality, performance, and practicality.

In summary, the Condor H-Harness is a well-designed tactical accessory made from Genuine Scorpion OCP material. With its suspenders for added support, contour shoulder harness, versatile attachment options, padded mesh for comfort, and NTOA approval, this harness is a reliable choice for individuals seeking a comfortable and functional solution to enhance their tactical loadout.

  • Genuine Scorpion OCP material
  • Suspender adds support for the Battle Belts
  • Contour shoulder harness with three rows of webbing on the back
  • D-rings and webbing on front for quick-access attachments
  • Lightly padded mesh for air flow and comfort
  • NTOA Approved

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Robichaud


Steve Staley
Good gear

Exactly what I was looking for. It integrated with my waist pack system perfectly.

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