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Condor Outdoor Vanquish Armor System Kangaroo Mag Panel

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The Condor Outdoor Vanquish Armor System Kangaroo Mag Panel is a versatile accessory designed for tactical operators and military personnel. It is an add-on component that can be integrated into the Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier or other compatible plate carriers.

The Kangaroo Mag Panel is designed to provide additional storage and quick access to essential equipment, specifically rifle or pistol magazines. It consists of a pouch system that incorporates both a magazine pouch and a utility pouch into a single unit. The design is inspired by the pouch configuration found on a kangaroo, hence the name.

The magazine pouch is designed to securely hold one or two rifle magazines, such as AR-15 or AK-47 magazines, depending on the size and configuration of the panel. The pouches are typically equipped with adjustable bungee retention straps or hook-and-loop closures to ensure the magazines are held securely in place during dynamic movements.

The utility pouch, located on the front or side of the mag pouch, offers additional storage space for various small items, such as multitools, flashlights, or utility items. It is often secured with a zipper closure or a similar mechanism to keep the contents protected.

The Kangaroo Mag Panel is usually made from durable and rugged materials, such as nylon or Cordura fabric, which provide resistance against abrasions and tears. The panel is attached to the plate carrier via MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, allowing for easy and secure integration.

Overall, the Condor Outdoor Vanquish Armor System Kangaroo Mag Panel enhances the functionality and versatility of plate carriers by providing convenient storage and quick access to rifle or pistol magazines, as well as additional utility storage options. It is a popular choice among tactical operators and military personnel looking to optimize their loadout for various operational needs.

  • Holds up to three M4 Magazines, and three Pistol Magazines
  • Male Buckle ends for attaching to the VANQUISH ARMOR SYSTEM
  • Hook backing

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