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Condor Tactical Team Cap

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Introducing the Condor Outdoor Tactical Team Cap – a true embodiment of form and function, meticulously crafted to shield you from the elements while exuding an unmistakably stylish aesthetic and a commanding presence. Engineered with a keen understanding of tactical demands, this cap stands ready to bear the weight of corporate emblems, departmental insignias, team spirit, and charitable causes alike.

Crafted with a canvas of possibilities, these embroidery-ready caps serve as a canvas for your distinct imagery, transforming them into iconic symbols of unity and purpose. From corporate elegance to departmental pride, from team camaraderie to noble fundraising, this cap stands as an unyielding sentinel of your collective identity.

Precision-engineered for versatility, this cap is designed to accommodate most head sizes, empowered by an adjustable buckle strap at the rear. But that's not all – an innovation born of tactical foresight, the cap now features an additional rear name tape panel, allowing you to further personalize your ensemble. The top of the cap hosts an IR patch placement, reinforcing its tactical essence while underscoring your commitment to excellence.

The heart of functionality lies within the adjustable Hook and Loop strap, ensuring a custom fit that defies compromise. Two strategically positioned hook and loop panels stand ready to carry the weight of your chosen insignias, each bearing a unique purpose. The top panel, measuring 1" x 1", invites a symbol of distinction – a badge of honor that captures your essence. Meanwhile, the rear panel, measuring 1" x 5", opens the gateway for a name tape, a testament to your individuality within the collective.

In the grand theater of tactical cohesion, the Condor Outdoor Tactical Team Cap reigns supreme, a unifying force that merges protection, style, and purpose. In a world where precision matters, where every detail is an instrument of power, ensure your team marches forward as a resolute and sharp-edged unit. This is more than a cap; this is the embodiment of tactical prowess and unwavering unity. The Condor Outdoor Tactical Team Cap – where identity meets purpose, and style meets strength.

  • Adjustable Hook and Loop strap
  • 2 hook and loop panels for patches
  • Top: 1"x 1"
  • Back: 1" x 5"

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Lucas Dalgleish

Great hat!

Mad City Outdoor Gear
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