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Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster

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The Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster is a versatile and durable holster designed for carrying a wide range of handguns in a vertical orientation. It is commonly used in military and tactical operations where quick and easy access to a sidearm is crucial. Let's imagine its use in a battle scenario:

In the heat of the battle, a seasoned soldier equipped with the Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster moves swiftly through a chaotic urban environment. The holster is securely attached to their tactical vest or plate carrier using the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system, which provides a reliable and customizable attachment method.

The soldier's chosen handgun, such as a standard issue sidearm, is holstered securely inside the Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster. The holster's adjustable and quick-release retention strap ensures the firearm remains snugly in place, even during intense movements or combat maneuvers.

As the soldier approaches a corner, they transition into a firing position, ready to engage the enemy. The vertical orientation of the holster allows for a natural draw motion, reducing the time required to acquire a firing grip on the weapon. The soldier's muscle memory kicks in as their fingers instinctively locate the release mechanism of the retention strap. With a swift and practiced motion, they disengage the strap and firmly grasp the grip of the firearm.

The holster's rugged construction and protective padding help safeguard the sidearm from impacts and provide additional stability during the draw. The soldier now has the weapon in hand, prepared to engage the enemy with speed and precision.

In the midst of the battle, the Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster excels at keeping the handgun secure and easily accessible, allowing the soldier to focus on the mission at hand. Its modular design also offers compatibility with additional pouches and accessories, providing the option to carry spare magazines, a multitool, or other essential gear.

Throughout the intense firefight, the holster remains reliable and steadfast, ensuring the weapon stays within immediate reach. When the battle subsides, the soldier can easily reholster their sidearm, securing it back into the Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster, ready for any future engagements.

Overall, the Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster proves to be a dependable and efficient solution for carrying handguns in combat scenarios, enabling soldiers to swiftly access their weapons and engage the enemy with confidence and effectiveness.

  • Mount VERTICALLY on MOLLE platform
  • Wrap-around design to fit pistols with laser or flashlight mount
  • Retention system with additional hook and loop strap to secure weapon
  • 3.75" W x 8" H x  1.5" D

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Craig Witalis
Bargain Holster

This versatile holster is a great buy for the money.

Dale Reed

Exlant holster

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