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Tru-Spec Military Boonies

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TRU-SPEC Military Boonies are a type of military hat designed to provide soldiers with protection from the sun and other environmental elements during combat operations. Boonies were originally developed for use by the US military during the Vietnam War and have since become a popular accessory for military personnel, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The TRU-SPEC Military Boonies are made of durable, lightweight materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions. The hat is available in a range of colors and camouflage patterns to match different types of military uniforms and environments. The wide brim of the hat provides ample shade for the face, neck, and ears, while the ventilation holes in the crown of the hat help to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

TRU-SPEC Military Boonies also feature an adjustable chin strap to keep the hat in place during high winds and other adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the hat can be customized with additional accessories such as insect netting or camouflage netting to provide additional protection and camouflage for the wearer.

Overall, TRU-SPEC Military Boonies are a highly functional and practical accessory for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts who require protection from the elements while engaging in outdoor activities.

The boonie hat was introduced to the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, when U.S. Army Green Berets began wearing them in the field, along with Australian and Army of the Republic of Vietnam units. These hats were locally procured; the camo cloth was usually salvaged from other uniform items or with the former from a parachute or made up by the tailor. The name is derived from "boonie", the abbreviated form of boondocks (itself originally American military slang derived from Tagalog bundok, "mountain", during the Philippine-American War. Made to current U.S. Military specs.

Sewn to military specifications, our Tru-Spec Boonie cap is approved for active duty use.  Like all traditional boonie caps, it keeps you cool and dry with vent holes that allow moisture to escape and air to enter. An adjustable chin strap fastens the hat securely in a comfortable position

  • Meets US military specs
  • Brass screen vents
  • Adjustable chin strap

We offer a wide variety of gear from Tru-Spec including the Tru-Spec Military Boonies.

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Customer Reviews

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Great hat, reminds me of the one I got issued in 85
New boonie

Hat was great,looks like the Woodland came wr had on our 80s BDU'S. Just wish I had ordered a smaller size


It fits right and is made good. I'd order another.

Jeffrey Linne

matches my nam era True Spec pants and shirt AWESOME!!

Arthur Heath
Well made

Mil-spec quality. Should last for years. May order another one.

Christian Lagasca
Tru-Spec Tiger Stripe Boonie Hat 100% Cotton Size 7 3/4

I am very satisfied with the best Tiger Stripes Boonie/Floppy Hot Weather Hat which has a very authentic Vietnam jungle warfare- era and a uniquely tactical inside map pocket and 100% cotton material allover from True-Spec company.

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