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EMI - Emergency Medical Shear-Cut

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Putting the Titanium in every cut, with these special razor sharp coated shears. The blades are not only 3x harder than Stainless Steel, but also the blades have a non-stick surface which resist the stickiness of tape, glue, etc. Shear Cut also features contoured handles for control and comfort. 7 length.

The EMI - Emergency Medical Shear-Cut is one of the many EMI - Emergency Medical items we offer here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Are you ready for the summer heat? We've got you covered with a full selection of shorts, camping gear, camping blankets, bags and backpacks

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Customer Reviews

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Scott N
They're good shears

They're comfortable, feel correct, have a good alignment and I could get mine in black/black combo. Simple but potent. I used to be an EMT and these are just the type I used to carry. They cut paper and cardboard great, I'm sure they can cut quarters but not something I want to try. Each time you cut a coin you really put any shears to the limits. They cut through cloth great to treat injuries and can be easily sterilized/cleaned. I like that they're bonded titanium but to me, the hinge is more important. These shears have a nice pivot.



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