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EMI - Emergency Medical Shear-Cut

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Putting the Titanium in every cut, with these special razor sharp coated shears. The blades are not only 3x harder than Stainless Steel, but also the blades have a non-stick surface which resist the stickiness of tape, glue, etc. Shear Cut also features contoured handles for control and comfort. 7 length.

EMI - Emergency Medical products including the EMI - Emergency Medical Shear-Cut is one of the many items we offer for sale at a low price here at our Raleigh, North Carolina location. We've got you covered this winter with a full line of winter jackets including field jackets, flight jackets, fleece jackets, liners, hoodies, sweats, hyvat jackets, parkas, rain gear, ponchos, pea coats and all your favorite winter and cold gear items.

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Scott Nelson
They're good shears

They're comfortable, feel correct, have a good alignment and I could get mine in black/black combo. Simple but potent. I used to be an EMT and these are just the type I used to carry. They cut paper and cardboard great, I'm sure they can cut quarters but not something I want to try. Each time you cut a coin you really put any shears to the limits. They cut through cloth great to treat injuries and can be easily sterilized/cleaned. I like that they're bonded titanium but to me, the hinge is more important. These shears have a nice pivot.



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