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Fobus ROTO Paddle Holster

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The Fobus ROTO Paddle Holster is a tactical holster known for its advanced features and rugged durability. Designed for use in high-stress situations, this holster offers passive retention with rapid deployment, making it ideal for law enforcement, security services, and SWAT teams.

Fobus holsters and pouches were originally created specifically for the Israeli security services, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. The holsters are made using RX18 polymer, a specialized compound of polymers that are exceptionally durable and perform well in tactical environments.

Unlike traditional holsters, the Fobus Roto Holster does not require a safety strap or mechanism due to its passive retention system. This system ensures that the firearm is securely held in place while still allowing for a quick and smooth draw when needed. The design of the holster guarantees a snug and accurate fit, providing peace of mind for the user.

One of the standout features of the Fobus Roto Holster is its ability to rotate 360 degrees. This unique capability allows for versatile carry positions, including cross-draw (ideal for bodyguards or drivers), small-of-the-back, and strong-side carries. The holster can easily be adjusted to suit the user's preference and tactical requirements.

Fobus stands behind the quality of their products and offers a 100% lifetime guarantee for each Fobus Roto Holster. This warranty ensures that customers can rely on the holster's durability and performance over an extended period.

The holster is designed with a paddle attachment, eliminating the need to remove the belt for attachment or detachment. This feature allows for convenient and hassle-free use, particularly in situations where quick access to the firearm is crucial.

The Fobus Roto Paddle Holster belongs to the Standard Series, which is characterized by its passive retention mechanism. When drawing the firearm from the holster, it is recommended to perform a deliberate and rapid upward motion. For users who prefer a lower level of retention, silicone spray can be applied to the trigger guard area of the holster.

Overall, the Fobus Roto Paddle Holster is a reliable, versatile, and virtually indestructible tactical holster that offers secure passive retention, quick deployment, and adjustable carry positions. Its design and features make it an excellent choice for professionals in the field, ensuring their firearm is readily accessible while maintaining safety and reliability.

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