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Fobus Single Magazine Paddle Pouch

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The Fobus Single Magazine Paddle Pouch with Hidden Snap is a specialized accessory designed to discreetly and securely carry a single magazine, making it an ideal choice for covert operations where spare ammunition is essential. Constructed from rugged molded polymer, this magazine pouch is engineered to provide exceptional durability and reliability.

One of its standout features is its unique paddle shape, allowing it to be conveniently worn inside the waistband without the need for a belt loop or clip to ensure it stays in position. This design element enhances its versatility and ensures a comfortable fit during various activities.

The pouch employs an innovative dual spring system, a proprietary design by Fobus. This system has been meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide range of magazine sizes, particularly catering to single stack 9mm and .40 magazines. The ingenious dual spring mechanism works by applying consistent pressure to both the back and sides of the magazine, delivering a firm and secure hold that prevents any movement or accidental dislodging even during vigorous motion.

The Fobus Single Magazine Paddle Pouch excels in providing a high level of concealment, retention, and quick access. It's engineered to keep your magazine hidden from view while offering rapid accessibility when needed. The open-top design allows for swift and efficient retrieval, minimizing the time required to access your spare ammunition.

A noteworthy addition to Fobus's product line, the DSS1 (Dual Spring System 1) is a testament to their commitment to innovation. The injection molded polymer construction, coupled with the dual spring system, makes it an essential tool for those who demand not only exceptional concealment but also reliable retention and quick presentation of their magazine.

In summary, the Fobus Single Magazine Paddle Pouch with Hidden Snap is a purpose-built accessory that combines cutting-edge design elements, durable materials, and a dual spring system to provide a discreet, secure, and efficient method of carrying spare magazines for single stack 9mm and .40 firearms. Whether for covert operations or situations requiring concealed carry, this pouch offers outstanding performance and functionality.

  • Unique and proprietary design incorporates a dual spring system which accommodates a wide variety of 9mm and .40 magazine sizes
  • Dual spring system applies pressure on the back and sides of the magazine which firmly holds the magazine in place
  • Offers excellent concealment, outstanding retention and rapid presentation of your magazine

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