GG&G Claymore Mine Desk Accessory With Clock

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Our Claymore Mine Desk Accessory has been very popular with our customers. We thought we would add some value to it by adding a 36MM clock to the corner of the Claymore Desk Accessory.

The clock is available in different styles. One with the American flag on the face of the clock and the other a plain white face. Both have gold colored bezels. The clocks are easy to remove from the Claymore for setting and changing the battery when the time comes.

The Claymore Mine Desk Accessory is molded from the real deal, but instead of spikes to hold it erect, it has a small steel easel support in the back, so that it will remain upright on your desk, bookcase or den fireplace mantle. It measures approximately 5-1/4 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 1-1/4 inches thick and is manufactured from solid polypropylene. It is painted green with a matte clear coat applied.
2021 the new year is here! Out with the old and in with the new. In addition to the GG&G Claymore Mine Desk Accessory With Clock, we've got the gear you want for the winter season including snowshoes and snow tools for winter camping, cold weather jackets, winter gloves, warm flannels, beanies and rain gear.  Plus we carry backpacks built for every adventure.  The GG&G Claymore Mine Desk Accessory With Clock is just one of the many products we offer from GG&G.




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